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Archive Data Parser - gather multiple email-generating apps into a single archive

Data Parser™ collects messaging data generated by many applications such as LinkedIn InMail, Facebook, Twitter, Lync/OCS, Blackberry, LiveMeeting and Bloomberg & formats that content into compliant .eml or .msg files which can then be forwarded and captured into the organization's primary Email archive or back into the primary email system. This allows you to review messages from all sources from a single point.

Consolidation of messages from multiple sources is often driven by Compliance regulations such as those of the SEC, FINRA, FSA and other regulatory organizations that require electronic business communications and collaborations be archived and monitored for Compliance purposes. The archive Data Parser™ takes messaging data provided by many platforms and formats the content into compliant .eml or .msg files which may then be forwarded and captured by most  Email archive systems.

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Features of the Parser

The DataParser automates those functions required to download, extract, parse and organize the message data for inclusion in a consolidated messaging archive. The DataParser supports:

Blackberry® SMS

  • Captures SMS messaging on the Blackberry Enterprise Service and formats as .eml files.

Bloomberg® Data Streams

  • Automatic checking and FTP download of transcript data
  • Automatic expansion of compressed transcript files
  • Re-combination of message body with the attachment files
  • Inclusion of Bloomberg® personal and organization disclaimer data
  • Support for all Bloomberg® transcript formats (new formats to be supported before release by Bloomberg®
  •      - XML Messaging Formats, XML Chat Formats, XML Blog Formats,
  •      - ASCII Transcripts (discontinued by Bloomberg® on 7/30/2007)
  • Ability to replace Bloomberg® email addresses with alternate addresses or corporate address
  • Support for ForwardedBy, OnBehalfOf, OriginalSender, and Greeting Tags

LinkedIn®, Twitter® and other social networking platforms

  • Public profiles are captured on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites and brought into Compliance archive
  • For corporate LinkedIn accounts, we capture InMail.

Microsoft Lync/OCS

  • Lync messages are captured in the Lync SQL database. The DataParser runs a script against the SQL and converts the content. If a client is using the Public IM Connectors (PICS) for capturing public IM messaging, then that data will also be captured but with an indication of the source either included in the subject line or x-header.

UBS Chat®

  • Downloads and formats XML content from UBS Chats

Oracle®/ATG ‘click-to-call’ Live Help

  • Captures website conversations
  • Captures Live Help website chats and formats as email messages.


  • Captures MySite stream posts, questions and answers and comments
  • Captures attachments and shared links

Reuters Messaging® Data Streams

  • Automated processing from Reuters XML transcripts.

Microsoft SharePoint Wiki/ blogs/ list Content

  • Leveraging SharePoint event handlers, the DataParser captures and reformats adds and changes to all SharePoint lists. Administrators may manage which sites/ lists require content captured either on one or multiple farsm.

Microsoft LiveMeeting®

  • Captures LiveMeeting sessions in their .xml format and builds content into .eml files for archive ingestion.

Symantec MessageLabs® Data Streams

  • Pull of POD® Message data from a MAPI mailbox
  • Sync of names to an external list.

LivePerson® Data Streams

  • Automated date range requesting
  • Configurable inclusion of variable data
  • Ability to limit number of messages returned from a query.

IM Trader® Message Data Streams

  • Automated processing from data source data.


Generic Features for all platforms

  • Multiple output options to facilitate ingestion into any email archiving program
  • Ability to stage output into subdirectories or drop directly to a location
  • Ability to export directly to an Outlook folder
  • Throttling of data output as to not overwhelm ingestion of messages by destination archiving platform
  • Automated clean-up of archived download files after a hold period
  • Timer structure allows the Parser to run at a specific time or after XX hours.
  • Support for UNC addresses
  • Summary Report that notes everything that happened for a run.
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