Archive Data Parser - gather multiple email-generating apps into a single archive

Data Parser™ collects messaging data generated by many applications such as LinkedIn InMail, Facebook, Twitter, Lync/OCS, Blackberry, LiveMeeting and Bloomberg & formats that content into compliant .eml or .msg files which can then be forwarded and captured into the organization's primary Email archive or back into the primary email system. This allows you to review messages from all sources from a single point.

Consolidation of messages from multiple sources is often driven by Compliance regulations such as those of the SEC, FINRA, FSA and other regulatory organizations that require electronic business communications and collaborations be archived and monitored for Compliance purposes. The archive Data Parser™ takes messaging data provided by many platforms and formats the content into compliant .eml or .msg files which may then be forwarded and captured by most  Email archive systems.

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Features of the Parser

The DataParser automates those functions required to download, extract, parse and organize the message data for inclusion in a consolidated messaging archive. The DataParser supports:

Blackberry® SMS

Bloomberg® Data Streams

LinkedIn®, Twitter® and other social networking platforms

Microsoft Lync/OCS

UBS Chat®

Oracle®/ATG ‘click-to-call’ Live Help


Reuters Messaging® Data Streams

Microsoft SharePoint Wiki/ blogs/ list Content

Microsoft LiveMeeting®

Symantec MessageLabs® Data Streams

LivePerson® Data Streams

IM Trader® Message Data Streams


Generic Features for all platforms

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