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Adaptive Redaction is a new technology to prevent sensitive data leaking in or out of your company via email, attachments and web uploads and downloads. This technology, from our partner Clearswift, automatically identifies and removes sensitive data as it passes in and out of a company network with no human intervention.

Why redact?  Adaptive Redaction scans content, automatically identifying and removing both the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible data’ - credit card number, patient id -  which breaks policy, then continues to deliver to the intended recipient without ‘stopping and blocking’. The trigger to redact depends on the policy, which in turn depends on the individuals who are sending or receiving the information - making it an ‘adaptive’ process.

redactionThe built-in content inspection engine ensures that all information that enters and leaves an organisation electronically, via email or the web - is subject to deep content analysis. Built into the Clearswift SECURE Email and SECURE Web Gateways, the Adaptive Redaction options include:

  • Data redaction - removes sensitive information from web pages, emails and documents and replaces data such as credit card numbers with ‘*’ symbols, preventing recovery by unauthorised parties and ensuring business Compliance. It also enables businesses to share information without breaking legislative requirements (e.g. PCI, HIPAA).
  • Document sanitization - detects and removes ‘invisible’ sensitive information from documents. For example, meta-data embedded in documents, or revision history information. This helps ensure Compliance for public sector bodies to the ICO ‘hidden’ information regulation.
  • Structural sanitization - removes active content from files and web pages. Automatic identification and removal of active content improves your defence against malware infiltrating a network.

Adaptive Redaction can be applied to multiple formats, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF and HTML files.

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