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mailoverloadManagement’s objective is to use email to optimize communications with employees. So what does it take to motivate employees to open internal mail when they are already overloaded with email from clients and business partners?

NCR (via Forbes) came up with some interesting findings on organizational behavior based on big data with regards to emails sent by internal sources…and the factors that motivate click-through vs. the decision not to open an email.

Here are some of the learnings (some may surprise you):

  • Contrary to what it previously thought, NCR found that the day of the week the email is sent doesn’t impact open and click-through rates. Fridays are as good as any other day.
  • The time of day a message is sent does matter. Action-oriented requests do better in the morning. Information-based emails tend to perform better in the afternoon.
  • The single biggest factor influencing open and click-through rates is shaping your message to each defined target, rather than sending the same message to all 29,000 employees at once. Employees are more likely to open emails that are targeted towards their specific group or area of focus.
  • Surprise! There are typically higher open rates on messages written at a higher-level including business language and industry jargon, than on messages with casual, simplistic language. This is contrary to what most would believe, where many writers advocate jargon free language, and contrary to the findings of many secondary research studies. This is the type of information, unique to the NCR employee base, which allows the Corporate Communications team to make strategic decisions.


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