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wordlossGiven that End-User device loss remains one of the largest contributors to data-loss, one of your biggest challenges after you have rolled out a secure laptop and desktop environment is how do you keep that configuration consistently protected from threats?

Subsequent changes to the employee's computer can easily affect the security of your locked down environment, or worse, your users start to install unauthorized applications like Dropbox on their workstations. Or even worse, they decide to switch off encryption 'just for a while' because it is slowing down the machine.

What is persistence?

Persistence is one of the big attractions to the Absolute Computrace solution. This technology is already embedded in the firmware of most computers you already use today. Its presence on the machine triggers an automatic reinstallation if the software client is removed from a device. The software client reinstalls even if the firmware is flashed, the device is reimaged, the hard drive is replaced, or if a tablet or smartphone is wiped clean to factory settings. No other technology can do this.

Computrace uses this persistence technology to provide you with confidence that you can connect with each device so you can undertake management and security actions regardless of user or location. No other technology can do this:
  • Data & Device security: If a device has become unsecure, then the data it contains is at risk. Computrace alerts you to such a  change and allows you to remotely contact the device so that data can be safeguarded or removed.
  • Geotechnology: The physical location of a device can often predict if it is secure or at risk, so knowing where it is (and where it’s been) can be an important factor.
  • Asset Administration: Manage your entire deployment (desktops, laptops, ultra-portable devices) regardless if the device is on or off the network.  
  • Endpoint Forensics: Understand why and how something happened, especially when proving chain of custody or when criminal activity is suspected. 
Curious about how you can apply this?
You can learn more here about solutions like Computrace end-point management.

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