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Castadia Broadcast Manager manages large email broadcasts

Manage employee communications and crisis events

Email broadcasts for routine employee communications and crisis management responses

As part of your internal communications strategy, you need to create very targeted employee email distributions, usually for routine broadcasts but sometimes in response to an emergency. But you do not have a single directory that contains all the trigger fields. 
  • You may have the employee email address in the email directory, their salary level in the SAP system and their location in a separate SQL server. 
  • And as the lists are constantly changing you can only be sure they are accurate if they are built at the last minute. But in the midst of a deadline you don't want to be worrying about whether you have missed anyone off the alert list.
Castcadia software manages email broadcasts, creating a real-time distribution list from multiple database and directory sources. It allows the review, approval and scheduling of each broadcast and the employee can open the email on their device of choice - PC, mobile or web.
Using Castcadia, organizations no longer have to rely on cumbersome manual mapping and handling procedures, home-grown applications, or worries that the recipient will hit 'reply-all'.

Castcadia is made up of a number of modules 

  • Broadcast Manager - manages large volume email broadcasts to distribution lists
  • Subscription Manager - adds an opt-in/opt-out capability
  • Group Builder - allows you to dynamically build distribution Groups from multiple sources such as LDAP directories and SQL databases
  • Authoring module - allows th creation of rich content broadcast emails

Castcadia provides the ability to move it into a traffic stream separate from other e-mail. With this separation, broadcasts can be fully managed and controlled:

  • Mail Group Abuse – Castcadia prevents the unauthorized use of group lists.
  • Inappropriate subject matter – Prevents distribution of broadcast material without review.
  • Mail document size – Allows limits to be defined on the size of broadcast documents.
  • Reply to all ‘floods’ – Broadcasts are sent to users individually addressed, and contain no usable group return addresses, so users cannot reply to the entire group.
  • Improper scheduling – Castcadia allows broadcasts to be scheduled for delivery at times appropriate for the content.

Castcadia is an intelligent e-mail router designed specifically for broadcast traffic. Rather than being automatically distributed to the specified group addresses, broadcasts are routed to the Castcadia application where they become manageable assets. Within the Castcadia database, documents are analyzed and processed according to predefined profiles. These profiles contain rules that are used to determine review requirements, delivery schedules, routing strategies, formatting adjustments, and more.





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