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Titus Classification in the Financial Industry

MessageRights for Compliance and Books & Records Management

Titus Classification Demo requestFinancial transactions often involve sensitive, non-public information. The MessageRights family of email security and policy management tools provide enterprises the ability to effectively manage email, including the ability to restrict distribution of sensitive email.

Designed for large enterprises, MessageRights can force users to insert labels related to email sensitivity, email Retention, and email distribution. MessageRights can also restrict distribution of messages via safe recipient lists. Classifying email facilitate enterprises Compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC Rule 17a-4, Rule 204-2, as well as NASD Rule 2210, 3110 and NYSE Rule 440. 

Compliance Requirement MessageRights Capability
Retention / archiving of email MessageRights can apply Retention labels to email automatically.  Many of the new regulations call for a minimum of 3 years Retention of email.  Administrators can set the default Retention Period label to 3 Years, while allowing users to attach labels indicating lower or higher periods of Retention based on the content of the email.  For instance, users can label non-business related email to indicate a different Retention policy.
Indexing / searching of archived email MessageRights allows quick indexing and searching of archived email based on the assigned classification labels.  Labels can be project based, and as such, all correspondence to a particular project could be quickly retrieved for any Compliance requirement.
Controlling distribution of sensitive or private email. Some new financial regulations require the financial industry to control the distribution of certain types of information.  For example, any information related directly to customer information must be protected. In addition, information from Corporate Finance / Investment Banking often should not be distributed to brokers / investment advisors. MessageRights allows users to assign project labels to email.  Using these labels, message distribution can be restricted via MessageRights' unique safe recipient list features.  In this way, financial enterprises can build ethical walls to ensure only those with proper permissions can view sensitive information.


Via a new toolbar in Outlook & OWA, users select the appropriate classification labels from the dropdown for their message. The labels once assigned, remain in the header of the email and cannot be altered by the user.  All of the labels are fully customizable and can be dynamically populated based on group membership in Microsoft Active Directory.  For example, the first level of classification could indicate relationship to certain projects such as "Unclassified", "Confidential" or "Internal Use Only" or "Project SL-1". The second level of classification could be related to email Retention and archiving, such as "Retain for 90 days", "Retain for 3 Years" or "Retain for 6 Years". Once the proper email Retention label is attached to the message, administrators can establish procedures to properly retain email for Compliance. Smart labeling by the end-user ensures that important corporate email will be retained, and that unimportant emails for personal meetings, social occasions etc. will not use valuable corporate archiving resources.

For customers using Microsoft Rights Management Services, MessageRights allows administrators to associate classification levels with enforceable rights management policy.  These policies can restrict the distribution, printing or Retention of email. For instance, Microsoft Rights Management Services could automatically expire emails after a defined number of days.

Titus Labs MessageRights works with the Outlook 2003 platform and above.

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