Titus Classification in Government

Titus Classification Demo requestThe MessageRights' information management and policy enforcement solution for Microsoft Outlook & OWA allows users to manage the classification, distribution and Retention of valuable email.  Via a new toolbar in Outlook & OWA, users can be forced to select the appropriate classification labels for their message.  This can be particularly important in industries such as government and legal where information is often managed via projects or cases.

MessageRights supports dynamic labels. Each user sees labels that are related to their work. Users can select from labels representing their current projects or cases. Labels are displayed based on group membership in Microsoft Active Directory. Labels can also be used to indicate the sensitivity/ security of emails.

MessageRights has several key features for email information management:

For customers using Microsoft Rights Management Services, Titus Message Classification allows administrators to associate classification levels with enforceable rights management policy.  These policies can restrict the distribution, printing or copying of email.

MessageRights works with the Outlook 2003 platform.