Index Engines Catalyst data profiling engine delivers defensible deletion and accurate electronic discovery

Only retain what you need

Data profiling is the basis for defensible deletion of unstructured data

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Tape Assessment Program 

Backup/Restore Headaches Relieved

The Catalyst data profiling engine seamlessly indexes, searches and separates relevant content from the mass of unstructured enterprise data - Office files, pdfs, PST files, mailbox data -  regardless of location, format or age. It is essential for implementing a Data Mapping or Data Profiling strategy in your organization. One platform integrates high speed indexing that is non-invasive and highly efficient. Data can be processed at unprecedented speeds of 1TB per hour. Data on user desktops, servers, in corporate email or contained in forensic images can be easily discovered and collected.

Manage Liability and Reclaim Storage Capacity

Analysts estimate organizations are experiencing 40-60% growth in storage demands per year, and yet up to 70% of existing data is stale or unnecessary. And there are constant issues controlling where users save sensitive data. Index Engines addresses this as it:

The results can be used to improve the accuracy of electronic Discovery results, reclaim storage, offset new purchases, improve lifecycle accuracy and strengthen Retention policies.

Include backup tapes in your strategy

The same platform makes information locked away on historical backup tapes easily accessible - without the need to restore the content or have the original backup hardware and software environment in place.

Enterprise data existing on networks and hard drives and backup tapes can now be efficiently indexed, deduplicated, searched, managed and extracted through one powerful interface. The Index Engines platform indexes data from all storage containers for comprehensive Discovery.

Find all email belonging to “John Doe”. Analyze what user content exists where. Collect relevant content from old backup tapes and eliminate those no longer required. These tasks are nearly impossible for any enterprise. Understanding what exists among the mountainous volumes of information is a challenge even the most tech-savvy organizations have not conquered. Index Engines can help.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

The Index Engines platform seamlessly integrates into existing data infrastructures to perform fast, scalable indexing. Each engine understands common network and storage protocols. Unified integration and data collection from the following environments is currently supported:

As Index Engines processes data, a searchable index is generated containing rich metadata and content for all common unstructured files and email. This unified index contains information about data residing on backup tapes, networks and large storage file systems to allow for Search and extraction of unique content through a single interface. The data is not copied during the indexing process, therefore the index footprint is remarkably small - only 4-8% of the original data size. No other solution has the depth and breadth of Discovery across the enterprise. One Index Engine can index over a billion objects per system. The diagram above shows an example implementation of Index Engines for comprehensive data Discovery.

When choosing an enterprise indexing strategy, you will need to evaluate the following criteria:

  Others Index Engines

Collecting Data

How to find what to index

Just as Internet Search engines crawl the web to find data, these solutions crawl desktops, servers and archives, making for a slow and resource intensive process.

Our engine does not burden the infrastructure with new processes or agents; it indexes data where it resides or is stored.

Indexing Speed

Large volumes require fast indexing

Traditional indexing solutions are bogged down by slow network protocols during crawling and the speed of random disk access during indexing. 

Our proprietary indexing technology indexes data at up to 1 TB/hr.



Is sensitive data protected?

Some indexing solutions are not built for the enterprise; they generate cache copies of your data and don't integrate into existing permissioning schemas. 

Our product is designed from the ground up for the enterprise - no copies of data are created and we inherit your existing security environment.

Index Footprint

How much storage will I need?

Typical indexing products generate bloated indexes often two to three times the size of the original data, creating a storage nightmare.

Our optimized index is only 4-8% of the original data size, a more manageable size which also results in faster queries.


How much stuff can I index?

Due to slow indexing speeds, and large storage requirements, these solutions are often relegated to small projects.

Our index economically processes billions, not millions, of files supporting enterprise-wide engagements.


What does it take to get going?

Other indexers require that data be configured in a specific manner so the indexer can understand it, a time consuming process.

Our solution is designed to be plug and play, no changes to your data environment are necessary.


What's it going to cost?

Due to the inefficiencies mentioned above indexing data enterprise-wide is cost prohibitive.

Index Engines provides the most economical and scalable solution on the market today.

The Index Engines platform is focused on providing comprehensive and efficient indexing of data across the enterprise.



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