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Compass AD - Active Directory Monitoring & Reporting

Ensure Active Directory does not break

Compass monitors all aspects of Active Directory

Compass combines all of the key elements for Active Directory monitoring and reporting - delivered in a single, user-friendly dashboard. Developed by Active Directory Architects who have real world experience managing and troubleshooting numerous enterprise environments, Compass is affordable, installs in minutes and will help you improve system uptime, simplify troubleshooting AD, identify and resolve DNS issues, and improve security.


Key Benefits

•    Improve system uptime
•    Identify and resolve DNS issues
•    Simplify troubleshooting AD
•    Improve Security

Areas monitored

Real-time network monitoring of all domain controllers
Ensure that they are able to communicate to users and with other DC's in the same domain, site and forest.

Name Resolution verification
Compass automatically validates your Domain Controller DNS settings.

Operating system monitoring
Components such as disk space, memory, cpu and memory usage.

Continuous verification of core AD services
Compass keeps an eye on all the key services including: Netlogon, AD Domain, DHCP, DNS, KKDC, and Time.

Replication monitoring
Replication issues are not always easy to uncover.
Compass makes it easy by notifying you if there is an issue.

AD Backup verification
Don't get caught with your pants down. Ensure that your AD is backed up.

Problems solved

•    Logon failure
•    Account lockout
•    Domain Controller failure 
•    Application failure
•    Account creation failure
•    Inconsistent directory data
•    security policy failure


Compass protects the foundation of your network by continually monitoring and reporting on all the various aspects of Active Directory. With over 30 built-in reports, Compass serves as a powerful reporting tool for AD Administrators and Help Desk Technicians. The user-friendly, web-based interface enables users to easily manage and audit user accounts, groups, computers and domain controllers. Keep all key members of your team informed through our award-winning Personalized Dashboard views that automatically self-generate, always displaying the most current data.

Solutions delivered

•    Remove users that have inappropriate access to privileged groups (Schema Admins, Domain Administrators)
•    Improve security by ensuring password enforcement
•    Reduce amount of work required to submit to HIPPA, SOX and other Compliance Audits
•    Save time by reducing repetitive and complex tasks associated with AD Management
•    Identify and remove inactive user accounts and groups
•    Automate reporting activities for Help Desk and AD Administrators

Compass monitors all aspects of Active Directory

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