Lync Instant Alert Manager - Emergency and scheduled, time-stamped IM broadcasts

Lync Emergency Broadcasting

Do you need a way to instantly broadcast critical information, either company-wide or to certain groups of users?

Do you need to schedule announcements for delivery to certain users or groups of users at a specific time?

LyncAlertManagerInstant Alert Manager turns Microsoft Lync instant-messaging into a real-time news medium to improve and accelerate the delivery of critical information across your organization.

Instant Alert Manager adds the power of real-time communications to your need to quickly disseminate time-sensitive information. You can quickly and easily create IM broadcast messages and instantly send them to specific users, groups of users, or system-wide. Or you can schedule IM broadcasts for automatic delivery at a pre-determined time. And you can set messages to expire if offline users do not retrieve them within a certain time frame.

Instant Alert Manager in Action

IT Department: Unexpected email server crashes inevitably trigger a flood of calls to the help desk. With Instant Alert Manager, the help desk can proactively inform users that IT is aware of the problem and also provide updates on when service will be re-established.

Departmental Communications: IM is a more efficient tool for managers to relay transient information to staff—an impromptu meeting, a big new client, free donuts in the break room—because the messages are only received by employees who are in the office at that time. Instant Alert Manager facilitates real-time delivery of information while also eliminating overstuffed Outlook inboxes for employees who would otherwise have received the news via email.



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Sametime Queue Manager for Help Desks

Leverage Sametime for help desk

Sametime Help Desk web demo  requestQueue Manager creates virtual queues in Lotus Sametime that sort chat requests and direct them to the next available queue agent. 

Instant Queue Manager allows employees & customers to leverage Lotus Sametime to contact a skills-group within your organization. If your company has internal helpdesks such as IT support or accounting groups or a sales team responsible for customer interaction, Instant Queue Manager can help.

Instant Queue Manager enables the quick development and deployment of virtual Lotus Sametime instant messaging queues.



  • Virtual Instant Messaging Queues - easily create and manage Lotus Sametime based IM queues. 
  • Wizard Based Development - quickly create Sametime based IM queues with a friendly, easy to use, interface. 
  • Point to Multipoint instant messaging and presence. 
  • Prioritize - easily define a list of queue participants. Route incoming request to all queue participants or sequentially by order of priority 
  • No Programming Required - let our programmers create the application and extend core functionality. You focus on creating useful instant messaging queues. 
  • No Client Installation - your users already have a Sametime Connect client on their desktop. That's all that's necessary with the Agent Framework Queue Manager. 
  • Leverage your existing Lotus Sametime Environment - works with Sametime 3.0 and later. 
    mobile Access - available from mobile devices such as PDAs, or cell phones. 
  • Logging Database tracks all queue activity 
  • Efficient Queues allow the most efficient access to experts to resolve issues immediately 
  • Agent Flexibility - agent's appear as a single entity to outside parties. Individual agents can 'opt out' of a queue at anytime. Sametime Help Desk web demo  request
Team Sessions Persistent Chat Rooms for Sametime

TeamSessions Persistent Chat Rooms for Lotus Sametime - allow teams to share ideas and documents in a persistent, secure real-time Sametime chat room. Teams and organizations can quickly build a group community and communicate in real-time, without losing valuable information or discussions as users log in and out.

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HR Auditor for Lync

Audit Lync Conversation History

Install HR Auditor for Lync


HR Auditor is a quick, easy install. Server requirements include  the .NET 4.0 Framework and Microsoft IIS. HR Auditor requires read access to your Active Directory and SQL server containing your LCSLogs. Install is typically less than 30 minutes.

Search with HR Auditor for Lync

Quickly Search chat conversations by keyword, user, or date range. Visualization tools provide immediate views of usage levels, and allow you to quickly drill down into specific date ranges. Basic Search is a powerful tool for browsing chat history.

Search for users by typing in their name, and HR Auditor will match their name against Active Directory using a type-ahead matching feature.

View Screenshots

Export with HR Auditor for Lync

HR Auditor has a built in utility that allows for quick and easy export of conversations to either .PDF, .CSV or .TXT formats. You can export individual conversations, or an entire result set of conversations. PDF exports of multiple conversations are created with an index of each conversation, neatly organizing the results for review in your preferred PDF viewing program.

Advanced Search with HR Auditor for Lync

Advanced Search allows for complex queries to pinpoint specific conversations.  Specify particular users, keywords, or date ranges that you want to include or exclude from your searches. Visualizations provide quick feedback on the number of results across different dates.

Technical Requirements for HR Auditor for Lync:

  • Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012
    • Application cannot be installed on the same server hosting Lync
  • Active Lync environment with archiving enabled
  • Microsoft IIS6 Compatibility management installed
    • ASP.NET
    • Windows Authentication
    • .NET Framework v4.0
  • Account credentials with access to Active Directory
  • Account credentials with READ access to LCSlogs on your SQLserver



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IMtegrity Sametime archive securely logs, saves and archives Lotus Sametime chat

Archive Sametime chats

IMtegrity for IBM Lotus Sametime allows you to securely log, save and archive both IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client and native AOL Instant Messenger client chats, map anonymous AOL screen names to corporate user identities and authenticated names via an LDAP directory and send dynamic, customizable company disclaimer messages to IM chat parties.

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