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Prevent Data Breach: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Email, Web, SharePoint


At www.re-soft.com, you’ll discover an easy to use, information packed web site where you can get tools to prevent a data breach, manage Data-Loss Protection, reduce usage violations, manage loss of Intellectual Property in email, internet & instant messaging. These tools will help you in the event of an Audit Deficiency or Data Breach. 


The use of Web In the Workplace

The IT landscape is undergoing some of the most significant changes in decades. The growth of cloud-based and virtualized IT systems and services has been widely documented as on the rise and showing no sign of slowing. In addition, increasing numbers of Generation Y employees are reaching senior positions within companies, bringing with them more modern attitudes towards the use of the IT within business. Our partner Clearswift recently commissioned a major piece of research on the topic to examine the scope of these changes within business and the impact they are having on businesses’ approach to security. Review the free Clearswift Web In The Workplace report

The Email Oops!

If you are trying to build a business case for improving your Data Loss Protection systems, it is surprising how many serious incidents occur.  We know most incidents are accidental, so the challenge is to prevent these "Email oops" incidents. Last year,

  • 25% of companies reported five or more data breaches
  • 40% of companies suffered 2 to 5 breaches.
  • 88% of respondents reported at least one data security breach


Clearswift Secure Email is an Appliance or Virtual-machine-based email, web and content-filtering perimeter security tool. It is an all-in-one solution designed to provide powerful outbound email content filtering and security encryption, minimizing false positives, protecting inbound mail from threats & providing up-to-date detailed management reports on inappropriate activity.

Mimecast makes cloud email safer by addressing three critical needs ; security, archivign and continuity. Integrated service bundles are designed for and delivered 100% in the cloud, with no network infrastructure for staff to manage.

Encrypting End Points and the Perimeter

DataMotion Secure Email & File Transfer Suite is used by healthcare organizations to meet their HIPAA requirements, Financial institutions to meet privacy guidelines, Legal Groups to deliver intellectual property documents and protect confidentiality.

DataMotion Secure eForms securely submits information from web or pdf forms for automatic integration into your back end systems. 

Removing Threats  from Social Media & Web Browsing

Clearswift Secure Web Gateway secures the web in the same way as you secure email. Going way beyond the capabilities of traditional web URL filters, it is a web content filtering security tool that will check, monitor, inspect, block & filter web & ftp content, checking for inappropriate or unacceptable content and viruses in line with the policies you have defined, including access to Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail.

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