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DataMotion Secure Large File Transfer manages FTP

Secure large file transfer

secure large file transfer web eval requestWhen users need to transfer large files with their partners and customers, they typically turn to the email system as the natural choice.  But most email systems restrict file size so it would then involve a clumsy File Transfer Protocol (FTP) process, often with unnecessary input from IT.  These options are usually insecure and difficult to administrate, especially for one-off ad hoc secure transfer requests. This results in delayed business processes, and creates bottlenecks for critical data flow. Knowledge workers need tools to transfer large files easily and securely. IT departments need tight security to ensure regulatory Compliance, and need visibility to enforce policies and monitor service level agreements.

DataMotion managed Secure, LargeFileTransfer solution gives your organization the tools to easily and securely transfer large files with coworkers, customers, and partners. It accomplishes this while providing the visibility and Governance to track and monitor all file transfer activity.

secure file transfer

Key Features:

Secure File Transfer

  • User-to-user transfer, up to 2GB
  • Integrated encryption – no separate key management
  •  Centralized administration
  • End-to-end tracking and reporting
  • Web, SFTP, LFT upload/download. Automated download tool.
  • Active Directory SSO
  • APIs for integration with applications, portals and systems
  •  Public or private cloud
  •  Integrates with DataMotion SecureMail  Configurable file expiration
  •  Cobranded web portal

Managed File Transfer

  •  Includes all the features of Secure File Transfer 
  • System-to-system, user-to-system transfers 
  • No scripting/custom development required
  • Unlimited file size
  • File directory monitoring and email job triggering
  • Integrated conversion engine
  • Unix/Linux, Windows server and mainframe support
  • Fully compatible with archiving systems
  • Push or pull delivery 


  • Increased Productivity - Knowledge workers are empowered to send and receive large files without delays imposed by manual FTP uploads and password coordination.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction - Meet your service level requirements, and increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Fast deployment - FileTransfer leverages existing IT infrastructure by integrating seamlessly with existing messaging or disparate systems. Installation and training time are minimal so you can focus on more important business priorities without exhausting resources.
  • Reduced Risk - FileTransfer reduces your exposure to policy violation, litigation and penalties.
  • Compliance - Exchange information with full confidence that files remain secure and compliant during transit and in storage.
  • Trustworthy communication with your customers and partners - With robust encryption and easily-tracked delivery paths, you can send sensitive information with confidence
  • More Control - FileTransfer governs your information by tracking and gathering info about messages every step of the way. This enhanced visibility helps you improve business processes and make better business decisions.
  • Immediate cost containment - cut costs associated with IT resources for ftp servers, training, support, also printing, faxing, and postage for a fast return on investment.
  • Simplicity - Have all your users securely exchanging information within hours

How It Works

Additional Technical Data:

  • Offered Hosted or On-Premise
  • 2GB maximum file size
  • Webportal secure upload/download
  • Automatic file download
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix support
  • IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • HTTP/S, POP3/S, SMTP/S Protocols
  • Supports Windows XP or higher, Windows Server 2000 or higher
  • Multi language support
  • 30 day default message expiration

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