DataMotion Secure Large File Transfer manages FTP

Secure large file transfer

secure large file transfer web eval requestWhen users need to transfer large files with their partners and customers, they typically turn to the email system as the natural choice.  But most email systems restrict file size so it would then involve a clumsy File Transfer Protocol (FTP) process, often with unnecessary input from IT.  These options are usually insecure and difficult to administrate, especially for one-off ad hoc secure transfer requests. This results in delayed business processes, and creates bottlenecks for critical data flow. Knowledge workers need tools to transfer large files easily and securely. IT departments need tight security to ensure regulatory Compliance, and need visibility to enforce policies and monitor service level agreements.

DataMotion managed Secure, LargeFileTransfer solution gives your organization the tools to easily and securely transfer large files with coworkers, customers, and partners. It accomplishes this while providing the visibility and Governance to track and monitor all file transfer activity.

secure file transfer

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