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Secure email web demo requestThere has never been a greater need for enterprise wide encrypted emails. One mistake can result in irreparable damage to a company's reputation and mounting financial losses. CIOs, risk managers, and IT directors all face pressure to protect the privacy of sensitive email messages without imposing undue technical hurdles on the recipients. Even though technology for the encryption of email has been available to address these needs, it has often been cumbersome to use and expensive to deploy.

SecureMail is a powerful, cost effective, and easy to use service that encrypts email messages between your organization and your constituents. Messages can be chosen for encryption selectively by the sender or by our policy-based encryption engine. With SecureMail, you can ensure that your messages and large files are protected, private, and compliant with internal policies and external regulations.

Built atop DataMotion's Intelligent Information Transport (IIT) platform, SecureMail offers global-class security, scalability and flexibility. Now, businesses of all sizes can affordably benefit from the same high-end encryption used by government agencies, and large financial and healthcare companies.


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