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DataMotion Secure Contact Form gives you website contact form security

URL link from your Email signature or Contact Us web page to the secure form

Enhance your ability for customers to safely send you sensitive information with the Secure Contact.

  • Integrates with your website and persoanle email signature files in seconds just by pasting an HTML link
  • Simple contact form security for privacy and Compliance needs
  • Uses the branding of your website for seamless integration
  • Enables your website visitors to send private, secure messages to you
  • Allows your designated employees to securely reply to those questions
  • Ensures Compliance with HIPAA, GLB and SEC privacy regulations
  • Software-as-a-service requires no coding on your current website.

While most organizations are focused on securing their existing email system, how does an organization provide for their patients or clients to ask a question to a doctor, mortgage loan specialist, pharmacist, billing dept, or, to submit a tax returns or a lab report via email securely? And, how do you send a secure reply?

Secure Contact is an ideal solution to enable privacy Compliance by simple URL link integration with your web portal on the Contact Us page.

Email and the Internet is a most efficient and cost effective communications tool for your patients, customers and the community you serve. The vast majority of web sites include a Contact Us or Info@ link allowing individuals to ask a question or request clarifications. However, the questions are almost always communicated in plain text format to you.  And there is no mechanism for your organization to respond securely to these inquires securely, for example, to include the client's medical or financial information.

Secure Contact Us can enhance your Contact Us page by adding a simple URL that provides a login screen for the user to sign in (or, register if a first time user). After login, the user can submit the question to the right department (such as customer service, nursing, billing, pathology, accounts etc.) from a pull down menu. The appropriate department will receive the question securely and respond with detailed comments via the same secure path. The user is notified, via email, that his/her question has been responded to, and can login again to retrieve the response.

Secure Data Transfer Suite

The contents of the questions are secure, the responses are secure. End-to-end security that requires no training for patients, no software to be installed and no IT support.


  Includes SSL encryption and Password Protection
  The department employee can respond securely
  Requires no additional hardware on your network
  No Patient training, no IT support
  All contents and PHI are secure end-to-end
  Up and running on your website in one hour







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