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DataMotion SecureMail policy based encryption gateway scans for Regulatory, HIPAA compliant email

Strengthen compliance by triggering encryption on outbound email

Policy Based Encryption Demo/Webinar requestSecureMail Gateway safeguards sensitive email messages by automatically scanning all of your company’s email for Compliance, and applying policy based encryption.


Encrypting sensitive email is a legal requirement for regulated industries such as ensuring HIPAA compliant email. But busy people may neglect to secure sensitive mail for any number of reasons making you vulnerable to non-compliance and its consequences. You need an encryption service that is smart enough to correct human error to protect you, your partners and your clients.


SecureMail Gateway is an intelligent monitoring solution that provides a security safety net. It scans all of your outbound email and attachments for sensitive content as defined by your policies. Messages that qualify for secure handling are identified and routed for encryption. SecureMail Gateway automatically checks that communications comply with your most current policy rules and relieves employees of the need to be up to date on multiple regulations and policies.
SecureMail Gateway’s filtering is more precise than other systems because it doesn’t rely solely on simple pattern matching for screening.  The Gateway scans and filters outbound mail for exact matches to customer account numbers or other data attributes specific to your organization. The Gateway can also notify senders when their messages have been sent securely which helps to educate employees and reinforce company policies.


  • Strong encryption
  • Easy to install, use and maintain. Be up and running in a day
  • Automated account provisioning
  • Ad hoc and automated reporting 
  • Three types of outbound mail filtering
  • Custom data matching
  • Industry-specific lexicon rules
  • Regular Expression rules
  • Ability to scan over 300 different file attachment types for sensitive content such as PHI, Social security, and Credit Card Numbers
  • 100% compatible with on-premise or cloud-based archiving systems 
  • Leverages existing content filtering (DLP) systems


  • Improve Compliance – Minimize exposure to regulatory violations
  • Cost Containment – Cut costs of faxes, printing, postage, and courier services
  • Increase Customer Loyalty  –  Build consumer trust and loyalty by demonstrating commitment to protecting their sensitive information 
  • Improve Service and Contain Costs –  Harness the convenience of email and the power of cloud computing
  • Minimized Business Risk – Protect your brand and reputation by preventing data leaks

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