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DataMotion Secure Email for Outlook and Lotus Notes gives Outlook secure email capabilities

Secure Contact US  - web demo requestAdd the "Send Certified" button to your e-mail client toolbar and begin sending Lotus Notes or Outlook secure email to any internet user.  When a message should be sent securely, just click "Send Certified".  If it does not need to be secure, just click the standard "Send" button.  It's that easy.

Send Certified for MS Outlook     Send Certified for Lotus Notes

  • One-click security for your e-mail and attachments
  • No special software needed to securely read your message
  • Oops feature retracts sent messages before recipients have read them
  • Receive notice when messages were actually opened
  • Gives secure email for Outlook and Lotus Notes clients
  • Determine when your message will expire
  • Integrates with our third-generation, patented DataMotion SecureEmail Software

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