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Retention is now a way of life

At www.re-soft.com, you’ll discover a website packed with information on tools to manage Microsoft Exchange email archiving, Lotus Notes email archiving, restoring and e-discovery of email and instant messaging. This technology can be used for creating long term email & IM archives for regulatory Compliance reasons, for monitoring individuals or groups, for policy infraction reasons and for responding to Email Discovery requests within a legal case.

Email Archiving, Classification & Discovery - The Problem

The persistence of the electronic record and the routine recovery of electronic communications in connection with almost every business dispute or investigation means that the litigation complications as a result of problematic e-mails are now becoming commonplace.

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When considering the source of information to capture as part of your Retention policy, consider the following as potentially important sources:

  • Journaling all inbound, outbound and internal email
  • Information sitting in mailboxes and local archive/PST files
  • Draft emails that have yet to be sent
  • Social Media email such as Twitter & Facebook
  • Calendar appointments
  • Cloud based email
  • Instant Messaging
  • External email such as Blackberry
  • Specialist Email solutions such as Bloomberg, Reuters etc.

Email Archiving, Classification & Discovery -  Solutions


Titus User-Driven Message & Document Classification provides the user with the ability to Classify email and documents at time of creation/sending, thereby  maintaining accurate & auditable user-driven email security & Retention policies. 

Lotus Notes

IMtegrity for Lotus Sametime allows you to securely log, save and archive both IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client and native AOL Instant Messenger client chats, map anonymous AOL screen names to corporate user identities and authenticated names via an LDAP directory and send dynamic, customizable company disclaimer messages to IM chat parties.

Website & Facebook

PageFreezer is a web based service that every day archives your website and Social Media page changes (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). PageFreezer makes your archives accessible from any computer and enables use as legal evidence in case of a claim.


Archive Data Parser™  consolidates all your email-generating apps into a single archive. It extracts messaging data provided by many platforms such as Social Media (LinkedIn Inmail, Twitter, Facebook), Lync/OCS, Blackberry, LiveMeeting and Bloomberg and converts into compliant .eml or .msg files for import into the archive retnetion system of choice.

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