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Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection

Request WebinarTargeted email attacks represent one of the most dangerous IT threats facing enterprises today. Many of the large, widely publicized data breaches in recent years have started with a single, carefully crafted email that tricked a recipient to click a link to install malware or surrender their login credentials. Often, these attacks are impossible to detect using conventional reputation, content scanning and sender verification techniques.

PPTAPProofpoint Targeted Attack Protection™ takes an entirely new approach, using big data analysis techniques to identify and apply additional security controls to suspicious messages. Targeted Attack Protection represents the industry's first comprehensive, cloud-based solution for combatting targeted email attacks and provides a full lifecycle approach:

  1. Detect: Using Proofpoint Anomalytics techniques, potential, targeted email threats are identified. Proofpoint Anomalytics examines hundreds of variables in real time—including message properties, but also the email traffic history of the message recipient—to identify anomalies that indicate a potential threat.

  2. Protect: The URL Clicktime Defense Service ensures that links to suspicious URLs are dynamically rewritten before the email is released to the recipient. Each time a user clicks on such a link—whether inside the enterprise or from a remote location—Proofpoint’s cloud evaluates whether the destination is safe.

  3. Block: Based on analysis from Proofpoint Anomalytics, Proofpoint's Malware Analysis Service applies additional security controls to suspect messages.

  4. Respond: The Threat Insight Service gives administrators and security professionals a real-time, interactive view of attacks, identification of specific threats that may have gotten through to specific users, and aid in remediation, through a web-based dashboard.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection complements existing email security technologies to achieve a goal that has eluded the security industry for more than a decade—reliable protection against spear phishing and other targeted email attacks.

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