Clearswift Secure Exchange Gateway - internal compliance as part of your email DLP strategy

The SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG) is designed to enable businesses to strategically manage and protect critical information within an internal Microsoft Exchange infrastructure. Alongside, Adaptive Redaction technology will also dramatically mitigate external breaches since SXG safeguards against inappropriate or critical information being incorrectly distributed internally and therefore removing the potential to leave an organization.

exchange-secure-gatewaySECURE Exchange Gateway detects inappropriate content sharing, imbedded malware, malicious executable file types and identifies violations in conversations or documents using Adaptive Redaction technology, which automatically recognizes and removes sensitive data as it passes within a company’s Microsoft exchange network.

Organizations have to ensure that sensitive information is not leaked out inappropriately so that it falls into the wrong hands or could cause an organization to be in contravention of the mandates that it faces in terms of protecting sensitive information. With an increase of information breaches being associated with the ‘Insider’ threat, it is becoming ever more necessary that all emails are checked as they travel around an organization so that sensitive information that should be protected can be controlled, prior to external communications.

Powerful reporting and management

The SECURE Exchange Gateway includes powerful management and reporting tools, including message-tracking and granular user level quarantine controls. These are all accessed from the same, simple web-based interface. Pre-defined reports are easily modified and can be executed across multiple gateways for a consolidated view of user activity.