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Archive Shuttle migrates & consolidates legacy email archive data

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Migrate enterprise email archives quickly and safely

ArchiveShuttle is a proven archive migration tool – an intelligent, end-to-end solution to help you complete Email archive migration projects faster, more securely and with less risk. QUADROtech’s flexible architecture and modular approach can address any level of size and complexity. If your resources are constrained, our hosted ArchiveShuttle.cloud solution can help you take advantage of Office 365 much faster.

ArchiveShuttle migrates mail and journal archives (preserving envelope data) from Enterprise Vault (EV) and other archives to EV, Exchange 2010/2013/O365, either the primary mailbox, or the secondary (archive-) mailbox, or into the cloud.

Archive migration is made easy with ArchiveShuttle’s extensive workflows. It automates the extraction and ingestion of data, and eliminates risk with backups and data integrity checks during the process. Huge volumes of data can be transferred and managed, and users have uninterrupted and seamless access to their data.

How ArchiveShuttle works

ArchiveShuttle is built around a coordinated peer-to-peer architecture where a core server is responsible for coordinating the workflow between agents that do the heavy lifting. This enables a scalable, multithreaded approach where the core never becomes a bottleneck and peer agents can be spun up according to the workload.

ArchiveShuttle’s Sync’n’Switch technology uncouples data synchronization from user migration, preventing user disruption while email is migrated from a legacy archive to the new platform. Its Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) is proven to dramatically cut ingestion time and improves Chain of Custody reporting.


When on premise resources are constrained, ArchiveShuttle.cloud provides a solution to get you migrating faster.

ArchiveShuttle.cloud runs a dedicated control module in QUADROtech’s own datacenter to manage the migration. This approach drastically reduces the impact on resources needed for traditional migrations, enabling archive migration to start almost immediately. All that is required on premise is to deploy appropriate source modules and to allocate a staging area.


Key features

Sync’n’Switch  Synchronize content in the background, then switch users and migrate within minutes.

Expanded source connector framework  Includes EMC SourceOne, HP Autonomy / Zantaz / EAS and Barracuda Message Archiver. More to follow, including Dell archive Manager and CommVault Simpana.

Automated leaver handling  Automates the process for handling leavers, saving manual attention. Leaver’s archives are detected easily in ArchiveShuttle’s user interface, enabling organizations to define different migration workflows.

Slipstreamed reporting  Simplifies the management of a migration and keeps users informed at every stage.

Record-breaking performance  QUADROtech’s Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) has been enhanced to provide even faster migrations, with greater safety levels to further strengthen confidence in defensibility and project speed.

Selective migration  Migrate only what you need, utilizing ArchiveShuttle’s powerful filtering engine. Automated two-step process enables migration via network or transportable media. Define trigger events to manage typical dependencies in your migration.  Migrate to offline media to unload WAN and migrate the ‘difference’ online, or use pure online or offline migration.

Retention category mapping  Map Retention categories between sites; for example, merge Retention categories.

Logging and audit  Full logging and reporting is provided during the export and Import process.

Correct location of shortcuts  Update shortcuts in Outlook to the correct location of the Email archive.

Web-based admin interface  No client needs to be installed. Web interface provides logging, auditing and Chain of Custody preservation at every stage.

Support for media shipping  Migrate EV data across stores, sites, directories and even different Active Directory (AD) forests.

Key benefits

Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP)  Revolutionary protocol provides significantly improved speeds when migrating to Exchange or Office 365 when compared to traditional EWS or MAPI transfers.

Lowest TTFI (Time To First Item)  TTFI is the speed in which a customer can get from project start, to actual item migration. On average, ArchiveShuttle completes TTFI in less than two hours.

Cloud deployment  Hosting the ArchiveShuttle Core and SQL Server in QUADROtech’s datacenter (ArchiveShuttle.cloud) allows for rapid deployment with limited hardware and software resources needed from the customer.

Secure migration  During the migration process, email content never leaves the premises. metadata about messages is collected to ArchiveShuttle can track their progress and report on issues throughout the migration project.

Chain of Custody, logging and audits  Full logging and reporting is provided during the export and import phase.




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