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Mailscape for Migration

No Backtracking

Migrations are complicated. There are lots of moving parts to understand and plan for as part of the migration. Some of the smaller issues, if overlooked, become major issues down the line.

Mailscape is used, not just as a monitoring tool for your live production environment, but also as a mechanism to assist in identifying all the small migration considerations that will cause you to backtrack and prevent your migration from being successful first-time.

goldfishA migration can be divided up into at least four phases, and Mailscape will help at each step along the way. The four common phases are “Planning, Deployment, Pilot, and Migrate.

De-skill and automate PowerShell
During the first phase “Planning,” installing Mailscape in the old environment will save the Exchange team countless hours of manually running PowerShell cmdlts, as Mailscape will automate these for them. Mailscape will identify areas that need cleaning up prior to the migration, and the helpful links will direct the Exchange Team to helpful resources for fixing them. Mailscape’s reporting will also quickly identify Outlook versions, Users sending on behalf of other users, the top 50 mailbox sizes and quotas, a full line of ActiveSync reports including mobile devices and their systems, and public folders by size.

Is everything talking to everything?
During the next phase, “Deployment,” the Exchange Admins will typically build out the new servers. Mailscape’s monitoring capabilities will save valuable time by automating the task of testing and validation of each core service, and testing the functionality of the DAG. Here’s just a few of the things that Mailscape tests;

  • On a Mailbox server configured in a DAG, Mailscape tests all core functionality of the DAG, including Active preference and the Active Manager.
  • On the CAS server, Mailscape tests OWA, ActiveSync, and Outlook Anywhere
  • On the Mailbox server Mailscape tests MAPI connectivity
  • On the HUB server Mailscape verifies Mailflow (Internal and External), and monitors Queue length.

Automate collection and reporting on activity
During the next phase “Pilot,” the Exchange Team typically creates a test group comprised of a sample from across the organization. Mailscape’s’ monitoring not only continues to automate important cmdlts to check and verify the health of Exchange, but the reporting helps track which users and groups have been moved.

Now the Help Desk can monitor proactively
During the final phase “Migration,” the Help Desk typically moves groups of users to the new environment. Mailscape continues to be an invaluable asset to the Exchange Team every step of the way by monitoring disk space, CPU, RAM, and connectivity in the new environment. Mailscape’s Disk Space monitoring will also show that the databases are being filled up evenly. The Exchange Team will be able to keep a close eye on the DAG in the new environment, as Mailscape monitors failovers, Active Manager, Active Preference, DAG Copy and Replay Queues, and Replication.

In summary, Mailscape is the Exchange Admins’ unseen virtual assistant, running commands, verifying configurations, and providing hundreds of built-in reports.




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