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Mailscape: Monitor Blackberry management software, Mobile Device Management - Monitor iOS, Android, BES Manager

Report on mobile usage

Your users are buying them every day. They continue to spread across your network and you are supposed to support them. Apple iPads, iPhones, BlackBerry, DROIDs, and Windows mobile devices are here to stay. With each new device that is connected to your network, new security and support requirements arise. The need to know what types of devices are connected to your corporate network and who is using them is critical.

Mailscape can help you manage all the mobile devices you need to support. Monitor Blackberry Management software, the connectivity of Active Sync devices such as Android and iOS. Mailscape also operates as a BES manager  


Mailscape contains over 40 built in reports that will make your job of supporting different mobile platforms easier. The first step in tackling this growing problem is knowing what you are up against. Listed below are some of the key areas where Mailscape can provide visibility.

ActiveSync Reports

  • Device Type (Model, OS) - Ensure device has latest OS and streamlines device testing
  • Wireless carrier and phone number - Assists help desk operators in helping users
  • Least active users  - Find devices that are not being used and redeploy them
  • Most active users - Identify most active users
  • Users by CAS - Determine load on CAS servers
  • ActiveSync message size analysis - Determine which users are consuming the most amount of data

BlackBerry Reports

  • Device Type (Model, OS) - Ensure device has latest OS and streamlines device testing
  • Wireless carrier and phone number - Assists help desk operators in helping users 
  • Least active usersFind devices that are not being used and redeploy them 
  • Most active users - Identify most active users Users by BES
  • Determine load on BES servers 
  • Password and IT policy reporting - Determine which users do not have a password or the correct IT policy

Screenshots of Reports


Your users depend upon their mobile devices to communicate with each other and customers. Mailscape's monitoring capabilities provide you with real time data of all the core components of your mobile infrastructure including automatically testing the system to ensure that everything is functioning normally. This information helps prevent outages and also helps you determine the root cause of any issues within a matter of a few minutes. Mailscape monitors the following areas:

ActiveSync Monitoring

  • ActiveSync Connectivity Testing- Ensures that your CAS servers are responding to ActiveSync requests
  • Folder sync verification - Simulates a folder sync including retrieving the folder hierarchy
  • Data sync- Monitors the data sync processGet item testChecks how many items are waiting to be synchronized
  • Ping test- Tests the Direct Push process against a folder
  • Autodiscover verification - Ensures that the Autodiscover service is functioning

BlackBerry Monitoring

  • BlackBerry Connectivity Test - Round trip message testing between device, Exchange, and BES
  • Exchange Link- Monitors communication between Exchange and BES
  • BES Status - Checks the BES worker threads and alerts if any are non-responsive
  • BES Queue - Monitors number of pending messages to devices. Quickly determining severity of an issue.
  • RIM Link - Verifies that the SRP connection is up
  • Carrier Status - Analyzes pending message counts and can help determine if wireless carrier is having an issue

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