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OmniContext Office365/Hybrid Availability, Email Monitoring, Reporting - Dashboard for Email traffic analysis, usage for Exchange, Lotus Notes, Sametime, Lync

Optimize email routing

OmniContext™ is an analytics, reporting, and monitoring software for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise applications. It provides business users with in-depth information on productivity in the digital workplace and adoption of new technologies such as Office 365. It also delivers end-to-end performance metrics for computing services, based on real user experience.
OmniContext™ is a product for all members of organizations. Executives and managers receive summaries, trends, and detailed insight for the company and its divisions. IT departments use the software for real-time monitoring and historic service quality data. All persons in a business can see how the technology services work for them. Everyone can view average productivity and performance metrics and compare them with own data in personal analytics.

OmniAnalyser optimizes email routing and reports on Service Levels, Exchange availability and usage for Cost-Recovery by email monitoring and delivering metrics on all messaging traffic, server availability, mail delivery times, replication and mail store content for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lotus Notes.

All collected data can be viewed in the OmniAnalyser™ Reports. 

One of OmniAnalyser's most powerful capabilities is in aggregating information from multiple sources into a Messaging Performance Dashboard.  OmniAnalyser introduces a single viewing point for all the key metrics of the messaging system components, mailbox servers, perimeter servers, anti-virus & anti-spam etc.

  • Service Temperatures – set thresholds against metrics to determine service level compliance

  • Server Availability – track uptime of mail servers and email client access availability

  • Traffic & Message Volume Dynamics

Reports are web-based and accessible via intranet or on Internet, and include:
- SLA statistics
- Delivery Time Statistics
- Server health
- Server availability
- mailboxes by Server
- Company traffic
- Active Clients

OmniAnalyser™ is a distributed application, which includes server components (OmniAnalyser™ Agents) collecting information from each Exchange, Domino or Blackberry Server, the Central Integration Server, where metrics are collected and processed. 

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Applications of OmniAnalyser include:

Monitoring Service Level Agreement Compliance - OmniAnalyser™ allows you to check  to what extent average message delivery times & system availability meets  documented standards

Cost recovery/chargeback for organizational units - calculates mail usage costs at the level of mailboxes, servers, mail sent and received, by any business unit or department.

Usage trends -  OmniAnalyser™ provides a base for messaging traffic management by supplying complete statistics on a company’s email system, including message delays and NDR statistics, the amount of messages circulating in the system; top senders and receivers, mailbox and public folder storage trends, information store contents and replication traffic information

 Email configuration correctness, capacity planning - OmniAnalyser™ helps tune the overall system configuration. It sees how shared resources are used by different sites and departments, balances server workload and estimates bandwidth and servers resource utilization, based on historical data.

Transparency & Scalability

OmniAnalyser's non-intrusive architecture minimizes the overhead of information collection. The Agent is a small Windows service that collects data on each monitored Exchange or Lotus Domino server. The Central Integration Server then collects from the monitored servers and populates a central database.


All reports and database contents can be managed through native Windows authentication as well as SQL Server authentication.  

Product Architecture

OmniAnalyser™ is a distributed application, which consists of OmniAnalyser™ Agents, the OmniAnalyser Integration Server and OmniAnalyser™ Reports. 

OmniAnalyser™ Agent is a Windows service that runs on each monitored Exchange or Lotus Domino server.To enable the analysis process, a dedicated functional mailbox is set up on each monitored server. The Agent monitors this mailbox at regular intervals. Requests from the Integration Server for message tracking and mailbox data (transmitted as email messages) are received and processed by the Agent, which then extracts the information from its local tracking logs (or mtstore.nsf on Lotus Domino). The Agent can also perform scheduled scanning of the mailboxes and public folders on its server. Different filters may be applied locally to extend the information span and adjust the focus. The compressed data is sent to the central Analyser application.

Analyser collects the pre-processed logs from the monitored servers, processes them and inserts this data into its database. The Analyser database contains several tables including:

  • Message tracking information, with each message ID, size, senders and recipients, and routing information from all monitored servers

  • Mailbox and Public Folder content data

The Analyser database is maintained via an ODBC interface and can be implemented using MSDE (MS Database Engine - for small-scale installations) or as a SQL Server database (for large-scale installations.)

The stored data can be accessed either via a set of Console views, or in more than 40 congigurable Web-based reports, which are generated automatically and which are accessed via the intranet or on the Internet.

OmniAnalyser™  Reports

The reports produced by OmniAnalyser™ include: 

·     SLA statistics – all email across the enterprise is counted and analyzed relating to delivery time, events, size and other properties. Undelivered and delayed email is given special attention: the volume and percentage of total email traffic is reported for each particular hour, day, week, month or any other time period. Special reports exist to provide SLA trends. 

·     Server health and availability – a series of OmniAnalyser™ Reports are devoted to detailed reporting on all monitored servers. All servers are consolidated into one view, and each is described separately: what was the server performance on any given hour or date, what are the overall trends across the company, what servers are available at this very minute – answers to all these questions are given in OmniAnalyser™ Reports graphs and tables.

·     Inter-Company traffic – OmniAnalyser™ captures data traffic from all monitored servers and connectors including remote sites with poor or no connectivity. This allows reports to be generated on traffic between or within sites, servers or any logical group of servers. Replication traffic is also collected, providing an administrator with information on mailbox and public folder replication. On a mailbox level, each mailbox is analyzed on its activity and each email is shown with details on its originator, recipient and events.

·     Billing statistics – an advanced filter in every report contains a ‘Cost’ tab, which allows you to calculate cost recovery or chargeback for any user, server, or company unit by email activity.

·     Content scanning – all public folders and mailboxes can be scanned for information on their properties and usage trends. An additional option allows scanning for subject lines and extensions of all email: with this data an Administrator can easily locate any virus or bulky email as well as email which may contain a keyword that violates security policy.

All OmniAnalyser reports are Web-based.  OmniAnalyser™ reports can be accessed by every password-authorized user in the Internet browser. No additional software has to be installed for local users.

OmniAnalyser’s Scalability

OmniAnalyser is able to run on installations with more than 200 mail servers with no impact on its performance. Mail server data is collected locally and consolidated in the central database using the e-mail system for delivery. The overhead  is as little as 0.01 % of the company traffic volume.

Server access is another problem solved by OmniAnalyser’s architecture. Accessing remote mail servers for their tracking log data means that you need to have permissions for that server. Often, when the site is administered locally, you will need to get such permissions for each server, every time you run the software.

With OmniAnalyser™, no rights are required as all data collection is done locally by OmniAnalyser™ Agents. Each Agent, when installed on its mail server, is granted rights to Log On As Service and Log On Locally. 




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