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PhishGuru - Change Employee behavior to not click, reduce risk

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Simulated Phishing Attack Service

PhishGuru offers the most effective Anti-Phishing employee education available. It is designed to address the fact that employees continue to click on emerging phishing threats as they hit their inbox, thereby risking loss of corporate data.

You can now experience over 80% reduction in susceptibility to attacks when using our anti-phishing assessment and training modules as part of a continuous security training program.

Step 1 - Send A Simulated Attack

PhishGuru®– Phishing simulated attack service with almost 100 different templates with URLs, attachments and data entry forms and four types of teachable moments developed at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Sends mock phishing emails to your employees safely and easily
  • Creates a unique teachable moment when an employee falls for a simulated attack
  • Uses this moment to teach the employee how not to fall for future attacks
  • Provides four different customizable training options to meet your unique needs
  • Gathers actionable data to finely target future employee training

Step 2 - Assign Interactive Training for URLs and Phishing Emails

There are two ways to assign in-depth training to employees. security officers can ensure that people who fall for simulated phishing attacks are auto-enrolled in training or security officers can create training assignments by self-defined groups such as department, functional area, location, etc.

URL Training or Anti-Phishing Phil – This one-of-a-kind game-based training module teaches users to identify the parts of a URL and determine malicious from legitimate links.
Email security or Anti-Phishing Phyllis – This interactive training module presents 27 different email traps in less than 10 minutes. We offer two styles of each anti-phishing training module so that you can select the style that fits your organization’s culture.

Step 3 - Measure

Review detailed reports about who fell for attacks and completed training to determine which simulated phishing attack to send next and in what areas your users need more training.

Step 4 - Repeat

For best results repeat the anti-phishing training cycle every other month.



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