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Restore Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003 offline edb files using Power Controls as an Exchange mailbox restore tool

Restore one message from backup

Eval Power Controls exchange 2010 restore, restore exchange mailboxPowerControls™ is a tool to restore Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003 offline edb files. As an Exchange mailbox restore tool it:

  • eliminates downtime when migration to Exchange 2010.
  • let's you restore from any unmounted .edb file a single mailbox, individual folders, or any number of messages and attachments to any mailbox on the network or directly into an Outlook .PST file on your local drive.

PowerControls works with your existing Exchange backup software and allows you to quickly and easily restore message-level items from any previous full backup. After all, a backup program is only as good as its ability to restore lost data. No more need for time consuming and expensive single mailbox ("brick-level") backups. Just perform a full backup of your Exchange server and let PowerControls restore individual mailboxes, folders, messages, attachments, even calendar, notes, contact, task items directly to your production Exchange server or any PST file.

You can also Search and create copies of all archived email that match a set of criteria based on keywords, recipients, senders, dates, and Search for all files as they appear in Microsoft Outlook - calendar items, tasks, notes, journal entries, etc.


Features and Benefits 

Extractwizard restores previous online backups - Through these add-on components (an additional fee per component), PowerControls can be customized to fit your unique system's needs. Each PowerControls ExtractWizard Agent provides two methods (Direct and Advanced) to read your backups. The Direct Method of extracting backed-up Exchange data reads the tape or disk file directly without needing the original backup software installed. This method is useful if the original backup software is unavailable and you know the tapes on which the Exchange Information Store backups reside. The Advanced Method uses your existing backup software to extract an Exchange database from a backup server or tape library, across the network, to the computer running ExtractWizard. The Advanced Method takes full advantage of your backup software’s knowledge of individual set locations and robotic library support. This is the fastest method to extract an Exchange Information Store from the most recent backups managed by your backup server. For additional information on ExtractWizard, see the PowerControls User Guide. 

Restore previous online backups to alternate locations that aren't an Exchange Server - This helps eliminate the need to restore an online backup to a duplicate Exchange Server...better known as a "Recovery Server." This new feature can save you a day or more in work in setting up a Recovery Server. If your Recovery Server is already set up with PowerControls ExtractWizard, you can now devote that server to another purpose, saving you money! 

Copy messages and attachments from un-mounted Exchange server - Copy messages and attachments directly from an un-mounted Exchange information store file (.edb file) and save them directly to a mailbox on a live Exchange server or to an Outlook PST file. 

Eval Power Controls exchange 2010 restore, restore exchange mailboxSupport for the five types of Exchange backups - The Exchange Server database, also known as the "Information Store," is made up of .edb, .stm, and .log files. PowerControls 3.1 supports the entire contents of the information store and supports all Exchange backup types including offline, online, incremental, differential, and copy backup. 

Search for keywords/criteria in one or all mailboxes - Search one or all mailboxes in an archive for matching keywords or criteria without first creating a duplicate Exchange server. Advanced Search capabilities help you quickly find the email messages you are looking for.

Easily restore single mailboxes - Restore a single mailbox easily from a full backup without having to set up a duplicate Exchange server first. What used to take hours can now be done in just minutes. 

Seamless integration and operation - PowerControls uses the native Microsoft Messaging APIs (MAPI) to ensure reliable and consistent Exchange Server operation and seamless integration. No changes to existing backup procedures are required. 

Easy to use interface - Say goodbye to command-line software, and hello to an easy-to-use graphic interface that allows you to drag and drop your email.

Copy duplicates or only unique messages - Copy duplicate or unique email messages saved in different archives - ensuring you can get a complete record of emails and not have overlap. 

Additional Features:

  • Support for double-byte and Unicode messages. 
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003 and 2007. 
  • Supports Outlook 97, Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook 2003 PST files. 
  • Supports Exchange server .edb, and .stm files. 
  • Support for Exchange server .log files - enabling support for incremental, differential, and copy backup methods for Exchange. 
  • No changes to existing backup procedures to implement. 
  • View PST files without the hassles of waiting to import the file into Outlook first. 
  • For recovering multiple mailboxes, multi-mailbox copy feature automatically connects to each mailbox during the copy process. 
  • Copy feature supports preservation of mailbox folder hierarchy from Search results window. 
  • Restores selected messages and attachments from a previous full backup and copies them directly into the single mailbox in minutes, not hours. 
  • Easily view any PST file created by any version of Microsoft Outlook, no need to import the PST file into Outlook first. 
  • ExtractWizard support for Microsoft NT Backup, Veritas Backup Exec., Legato Networker tape format, Computer Associates BrightStor ARCServe tape format, spanned tape sets and tape libraries. 
  • ExtractWizard can save and restore an ExtractWizard catalog file - saving time if restoring multiple times from the same tape. 
  • Ability to view email attachments - by click on the attachments, PowerControls will launch the associated application to view that attachment
  • Eliminate brick-level backups. 
  • No extra storage required. PowerControls does not require you to make or save backups in a new or redundant way. 
  • Supports NT4 Server, NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000/2003 Professional, Windows XP Home, and Windows XP Professional. 
  • Restore messages to a different Exchange Server or PST file. 
  • User interface shows which messages are deleted but still held in deleted Retention. 
  • Recovers distribution lists in the Contacts folder. 
  • About-Information-Store dialog shows statistics and details of .edb, .stm and .log files. 
  • Does not install on your Exchange server. 
  • Does not write to or modify your Exchange server files. 
  • Recovers complete mailboxes, folders, or individual messages including email, attachments, address book, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes. 
  • Recovers Microsoft Exchange Public Folders database items. 
  • Restores messages with all message properties preserved - including original date and time. 
  • "Exclude" Search function performs Boolean NOT operation - allowing you to exclude messages matching certain words or phrases from the Search result. 
  • Search window supports "search again" function allowing you to refine the Search process using the previous Search results. 
  • Displays time remaining during copy progress. 
  • View message subject, message body, and the names of file attachments
  • EasyUpdate™ feature. 

Eval Power Controls exchange 2010 restore, restore exchange mailbox


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