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Sametime Queue Manager for Help Desks

Leverage Sametime for help desk

Sametime Help Desk web demo  requestQueue Manager creates virtual queues in Lotus Sametime that sort chat requests and direct them to the next available queue agent. 

Instant Queue Manager allows employees & customers to leverage Lotus Sametime to contact a skills-group within your organization. If your company has internal helpdesks such as IT support or accounting groups or a sales team responsible for customer interaction, Instant Queue Manager can help.

Instant Queue Manager enables the quick development and deployment of virtual Lotus Sametime instant messaging queues.



  • Virtual Instant Messaging Queues - easily create and manage Lotus Sametime based IM queues. 
  • Wizard Based Development - quickly create Sametime based IM queues with a friendly, easy to use, interface. 
  • Point to Multipoint instant messaging and presence. 
  • Prioritize - easily define a list of queue participants. Route incoming request to all queue participants or sequentially by order of priority 
  • No Programming Required - let our programmers create the application and extend core functionality. You focus on creating useful instant messaging queues. 
  • No Client Installation - your users already have a Sametime Connect client on their desktop. That's all that's necessary with the Agent Framework Queue Manager. 
  • Leverage your existing Lotus Sametime Environment - works with Sametime 3.0 and later. 
    mobile Access - available from mobile devices such as PDAs, or cell phones. 
  • Logging Database tracks all queue activity 
  • Efficient Queues allow the most efficient access to experts to resolve issues immediately 
  • Agent Flexibility - agent's appear as a single entity to outside parties. Individual agents can 'opt out' of a queue at anytime. Sametime Help Desk web demo  request

"We are now able to easily route and manage real-time requests from our web site, without the need for any complex programming or Java expertise." 

"The logging feature immediately lets us see who replied to which request and how many web-based queries we have handled."

"Instant Queue Manager instantly puts data at our users' fingertips so they can do their jobs faster and better."

Learn how a global financial services company utilizes Queue Manager to streamline processes and automate back-end logging and Compliance at the same time.  Read more...

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