SharePoint Search and Security Solutions

Improve SharePoint security and uptime

SharePoint has proven to offer excellent collaboration and publishing facilities, but it can present challenges to organizations needing to implement Retention policies to support regulatory Compliance or regulatory-discovery initiatives.

Sharepoint Security, Search, Archiving, Manage and Restore Solutions


Titus Metadata Security for SharePoint allows administrators to protect documents in SharePoint based on their metadata properties.  Access to documents and resulting filtered views can be based on the document’s metadata properties.  per-item security is much easier to set up with TITUS metadata security, administrators can easily create a Document Library or List that different groups of users can share. Each group can have different and specific types of permissions. 

Titus PDF Control for SharePoint automatically creates PDF versions of Microsoft documents as the documents are added to SharePoint to force read-only copies of documents.

TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint Claims Edition allows organizations to use claims-based authorization in SharePoint, without having to manually configure policies 


Discovery Attender - Search SharePoint  content, copy results- an electronic Discovery suite specifically designed to perform dynamic keyword searches . Discovery Attender can automatically execute powerful scans of message subject, body and attachments through customizable Search criteria.

Index Engines - integrate high speed indexing into existing infrastructure that is non-invasive and highly efficient. Terabytes of data on network file servers can be processed at unprecedented speeds of 1TB per hour. One platform seamlessly indexes, searches and separates the relevant content from the mass of enterprise data, regardless of location, format or age. 


ForeSite combines all the key elements for SharePoint monitoring and reporting into an affordable and easy-to-use solution.


PowerControls for SharePoint - find, recover and restore SharePoint content – such as documents, lists, libraries and folders – or entire SharePoint sites.

DocRetriever for SharePoint dramatically simplifies the process of restoring individual documents, sites, sub-sites and folders. SharePoint Administrators no longer need to spend countless hours rebuilding your entire production database, or worry about deploying a temporary SharePoint recovery farm, just to recover an individual document or list item. Sister product MailRetriever does the same for Microsoft Exchange restores.

Archive One for SharePoint is a modular, easy-to-install solution to age older, less used items out of the primary SharePoint Libraries. 


SharePoint Provisioner imports data from Lotus Notes databases into a SharePoint environment.

Unify Sharepoint Manager - automates all the manual steps for provisioning SharePoint Users and maintaining change control and Compliance reporting. Unify SharePoint Manager ensures that when users are provisioned and managed, business and policy objectives are met 24/7 on a secure, automated, and cost-effective basis.