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Identify, analyze and control in-place unstructured data across e-mail, file and collaboration

With the increased reliance on cloud storage and the average user accessing it with multiple devices, information storage demand is expanding exponentially. Organizations must now contend with large volumes of diverse data that is dispersed across on-premise and cloud-based repositories.

These vulnerabilities are magnified for organizations that are heavily regulated or litigation-prone, particularly when looming audits and investigations so often require large amounts of electronically stored information to be extracted, analyzed and reviewed quickly and accurately. Although it has become imperative for organizations to invest in proactive information Governance, available technologies have not always been practical or affordable.

Know your data, maintain control of it

For information Governance to be successful, IT, ediscovery and Compliance teams need to easily and quickly understand the holistic picture of unstructured data across the organization. They also need to precisely select data with ease and confidence so that risks are reduced.

Most solutions want you to install agents on your servers, perform expensive concept-level indexing of your data and introduce new information silos as a repository for found data. With Acaveo, there is a better, more affordable and effective approach to knowing and controlling unstructured data.

Rise of the Information Server

Applying Big Data concepts to an organization's user-generated data, the Smart Information Server (SIS) becomes the fabric by which an organization can efficiently and defensibly understand and govern its in-place unstructured data. Smart Information Server makes it easy for any organization to take control of its data to become less reactive and more competitive.

SIS is the fastest, easiest and most scalable solution for gaining visibility and central control over large, diverse volumes of unstructured data dispersed across servers, data centers and the cloud.

Key Advantages


Agentless architecture unifies visibility and controls multiple on-premise and online data repositories

Actionable Query Engine (AQE) provides efficient query on any item-level metadata, locations, keywords, users, groups, identity attributes

Interactive analytics combined with essential data Governance tools make information instantly actionable in-place

Tool provides precision data migrations, ediscovery preservation, Retention management and compression

Office 365, Box and Cloud data


Unifies management and Governance of on-premise and cloud data

Migrates intelligently to the cloud

Migrates targeted content to the cloud

Gives an actionable inventory of corporate data in the cloud

Uses rules to maintain oversight and enforce policy.

Removes stale content proactively from the cloud

Imposes targeted rules over cloud data

Moves data from one cloud to another or back on-premise

Extracts full-fidelity data for ediscovery or to repurpose a cloud user license



Gains actionable understanding of your Exchange Server environment

Works with any Exchange topology: on-premise, online or hybrid

Builds the complete picture Profile all Exchange content

Includes archive mailboxes and recoverable items

Leverages any property, supports every message class

Tracks any built-in or custom property

Uses any property for insights, queries and policy control

Combines folder, mailbox and delegate permissions into a single effective ACL

Allows identity queries across mailboxes and public folders

Searches smarter by leveraging native Exchange Search indexes

Gives keyword Search support without re-indexing



Governs information inside SharePoint farms

Supports on-premise or online SharePoint farms 

Supports SharePoint customization like never before

Leverages custom content types, fields and core attributes

Resolves SharePoint permissions into a standard ACL

Performs user, group and OU searches across SharePoint farms

Obtains detailed, access-based results down to the item-level

Improves ediscovery by preserving any SharePoint content externally with full-fidelity

Supports any content type, document, item, or page

Includes attachments and complete, content type aware metadata

Searches on any field

Adds keywords and leverages SharePoint's native full-text indices

Migrates data from file shares into SharePoint or vice versa

Migrates data between on-premise SharePoint and SharePoint Online

Automated rules-based migrations gets content to where you need it to be

File Servers


Understands, governs and executes precise actions against files

Catalogs file metadata

Includes any extended file attribute

Understands activity and permissions

Offers query-based Search on any file attribute together with identity access and location

Adds keyword Search support by configuring SharePoint to index file shares

Finds file shares Automatically display a server's file shares.

Selects and profile the shares you want and leave the rest

Manages the information lifecycle

Moves data from file shares into SharePoint, Windows Azure Storage or Box

Defensibly deletes what you no longer need to retain


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