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Only retain what you need

The growth of data in critical business applications is creating significant challenges for most organizations. Coupled with increased pressure to improve information management effectiveness, unprecedented regulatory & legal matter requirements, not to mention cost pressures to do more with less, many organizations are realizing the need and importance of transforming their current data Governance practices.

Addressing these challenges requires a multi-faceted solution that includes people, process, and technology components, all of which must be flexible in order to address the variety of data sources an organization commonly has - email, file-sharing repositories, collaboration systems such as SharePoint, and instant messaging systems - and the unique challenges each data source presents.

Acaveo Smart Information Server gives visibility and central control over large, diverse volumes of unstructured data dispersed across servers, data centers and in the cloud.

Index Engines reduces growth in file-share and tape storage by scanning file metadata to identify data that is stale, has no business value (iTunes, exes, personal data) or belongs to ex-employees Identifies Compliance risks by deep-scanning file content to identify PII, PCI, HIPAA or other sensitive data that is located where it should not be


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