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Altitide IG - hybrid information governance on-premise and in the cloud



Altitide IG is a cloud-based SaaS platform that can expand and extend your information Governance initiatives across a wide range of ESI repositories on-premise and in the cloud. The platform utilizes a secure, hybrid approach to policy enforcement.

Manage multiple ESI sources in a single, unified policy

Altitide IG can locate, inventory and manage ESI content contained in Office 365, Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and archives, PST files, Lotus Notes, network file shares and user desktops. The modular design of the service allows new content sources to be easily added. Specialized agents can also be developed to manage content within your custom business environment.

The management dashboard and configuration data are hosted in a secure SSAE 16 data center and are accessible from virtually anywhere that you have access to a web browser. Workflow design and ESI enforcement are performed by local software components ensuring that sensitive information is efficiently managed without ever leaving your network. From the Attender Online hosted dashboard, you can monitor system status, check notifications, initiate policies or view reports.

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What does Altitude IG address?

Data Growth

The proliferation of ESI is a key theme being discussed in the industry today. Access to technology and ever more automated job processes are leading to an exponential growth in the amount of ESI being generated.

Dispersed Data

As BYOD (bring your own device) usage accelerates, ESI data will be spread across a larger number of devices and locations. This dispersal trend raises the risk of business critical information being exposed to data leakage or loss.

Litigation Preparedness

It is a well-established fact that ESI content is a prime target for electronic Discovery. Organizations with a high risk of litigation should be preparing in advance for this eventuality by attempting to locate, organize and manage the ESI life cycle.

Role Based Access Control

Information Technology can take charge of deploying and connecting Search components for mail servers, PST files, desktop computers, network file shares and/or SharePoint

Legal and Compliance can format and schedule searches that ensure the correct keywords, Search expressions and custodians are represented

Management can review Search results and designate which responsive items should be collected before passing the data set along to outside counsel

Legal Hold

Manage notifications for key custodians involved in litigation for better preservation, organization and defensibility.

Send Legal Hold notices to individual custodians or groups of custodians

Track acceptance of notifications by matter to ensure enforcement

Custodian Management

Manage multiple matters simultaneously while ensuring seamless custodian tracking and discrete collections

  • Manage collections, searches and legal holds by action and custodian
  • Issue Legal Holds, perform searches or collect evidence by matter, custodian group or individuals


What does it do?

ESI Management

  • Securely Search and discover content on file servers, workstations and Exchange servers
  • Create detailed location and metadata reports
  • Copy or move items that meet specific criteria
  • Support defensible deletion efforts by actively expiring content

Storage Management

  • Monitor space on desktop hard drives or network file shares
  • Inventory content on user hard drives
  • Create folder structures on drives
  • Automatically expire files based on age, date, type and more
  • Evaluate files bases on age, attributes, size, name, content, date
  • Automatically move files to a new location
  • Compress files to reclaim storage space

Email Management

  • Evaluate messages based on subject, content, size, age, class, type, category and others
  • Copy or move messages between folders, mailboxes, archives or PST files
  • Delete messages
  • Delete or export attachments
  • Report on email content
  • Migrate message data for a user from one location to another

Admin Features

  • Access dashboard from any web browser
  • Customizable dashboard layout, arrange or minimize tiles to fit your preferences
  • Role based access control allows you limit administrative privileges
  • Subscribe to notification events, view in dashboard or receive email updates
  • Detailed logs provide an audit trail of policy behavior
  • Manage ESI content sources by associating them to people or computers
  • Search Active Directory for people or computer information
  • Content display features built in filtering, sorting and paging to organize large amounts of data

Content Sources

  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and archives
  • Office 365
  • PST Files
  • Lotus Notes
  • Network File Shares
  • Windows desktops

System Requirements


Management dashboard

  • Internet access and standard web browser

Customer Site Components

  • Microsoft Operating system (Windows server 2003/2008/2012,Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Microsoft .NET version 4
  • Microsoft Outlook (32 Bit)*
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime**required for Exchange or PST access

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