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Discovery Attender Electronic Discovery: Search Exchange, SharePoint & PST files

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Email, SharePoint and PST Search

The casual email communications of today often become subject to legal Search or FOIA Discovery requests. Organizations and government agencies can be required to Search Exchange or PST email, documents on the network or SharePoint files – perhaps millions of them – in order to comply. Responding to such a request can be an expensive undertaking when having to use external services for ediscovery.

Discovery Attender reduces the cost of searching and collecting electronically stored information from email and document storage systems. It enables in-house talent to undertake the time consuming, high volume Search process needed to identify and gather responsive information in a timely, defensible manner without using expensive external services.

Designed for use by non IT users and up and running in minutes, Discovery Attender streamlines the process of locating and producing data for electronic Discovery requests, Compliance and internal investigations. And it provides a means to avoid future legal issues, identifying risk through ongoing monitoring.

Discovery Attender for Exchange is specifically designed to perform dynamic keyword searches in: 

  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes (on-premise and cloud Office365)
  • PST files
  • SharePoint Libraries
  • Lotus Notes nsf files
  • Common file storage areas. 

Discovery Attender can automatically execute powerful scans of message subject, body and attachments through customizable Search criteria. Content searches are transparent to end-users and can be targeted to specific groups or users. Once critical information is located, it is summarized and linked in a detailed report indicating items found that matched the keyword expression. 

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General Features

General Features 

An organization’s fate can rely on the informally written communications that are hiding in their corporate systems. More than being reactive, Discovery Attender allows you to manage data on an ongoing basis through routine monitoring, thus, allowing you to maintain control over content and protect against potential liabilities.

  • Manage legal, HR and corporate Discovery needs discreetly
  • Access data for suspected evidence, confidentiality breaches or misrepresentations
  • Secure potential evidence once it is located
  • Rules and scanning functionality are transparent to end-users
  • Set specific system conditions to include or exclude certain users or groups
  • One common interface for rule creation, progress monitoring and results
  • Fast and secure system to execute document Discovery requests

Content Administration

  • Wizard-like interface for quick and easy searches
  • Search Exchange mailboxes and PST files
  • Search files stored on common file storage (file servers)
  • Dynamic keyword scanning with Boolean logic (and, or, not)
  • Powerful searching of message subject, body and attachments
  • Customizable criteria includes age, type, extension and wildcards
  • Delete, move or copy emails to a local PST file
  • Copy files, messages or attachments to a central safekeeping repository for later review

Data Reporting and Retrieval

  • Collect specific data to make informed decisions
  • Summary reports indicate what has been searched, known items still to be searched and items found matching the keyword expression
  • Index of all files to be accessed
  • Easy retrieval of items matching the keywords, either collected at the time of Discovery or (if available upon request in the interface


Product Benefits

  • Mitigate Legal Liability - Email and other types of electronic information are commonly being used as evidence in lawsuits. By auditing employee usage, you can reduce the risk of sexual harassment claims, workplace lawsuits and internal security breaches.

  • Reduce the Costs Associated with Search and Discovery - Whether your company gets subpoenaed to produce documentation or HR is conducting an internal investigation; locating and recovering information for legal Discovery can be very costly to an organization. Discovery Attender gives you the ability to Search through Exchange mailboxes, PST files, SharePoint Libraries, Lotus Notes Mail databases and files on your network for specified content.
  • Automate Time Intensive Tasks - searching through high volumes of electronic data could take thousands of man-hours to complete and thereby, be impossible to perform manually. With the help of Discovery Attender, you can automatically locate critical information quickly to meet your court-appointed deadlines.
  • Secure Potential Evidence - Once significant information is located, it must be kept in a safe and secure location. Any maltreatment of data could result in large fines or the exclusion of evidence in court proceedings. Discovery Attender allows you to copy files, messages and attachments to a central repository or local PST file for safekeeping.


Product Architecture

  • Non-intrusive, user-friendly installation
  • Works with Office365
  • Works with Exchange 5.5 and higher
  • Works with Outlook 98 or higher
  • Works with Notes 6 and higher (Domino Client required)
  • Operates on your desktop
  • Nothing to install on your Exchange or Domino server or Outlook clients  





Discovery Attender a trademark of  Sherpa Software.

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