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Alcatraz, Socialite and Vantage Compliance Team

The Actiance Compliance platform offers  Governance that every social business needs to allow new and evolving communication channels and collaboration. It delivers unified control, security, archiving, and Discovery capabilities to to support and drive adoption of almost any network.

Powered by Vantage, Socialite, and Alcatraz, the Actiance Platform helps you harness the power of any communication, collaboration, or social network in a way to keep  content and your business secure.
Vantage gives you granular policy control over your infrastructure. With such breadth of coverage and level of control, Vantage provides the best option to address strict Compliance requirements including SEC, FINRA, IIROC, PRA, FCA, FERC, DOE, EPA, FDA and HIPAA.
Monitor content in real-time so you can mitigate the risk of potential data leaks and the use of inappropriate language. Set policies that scan for, block, and alert on key words, phrases, and full regular expressions – even those within files transferred in IM chats posted to enterprise social software activities.
Control exactly how much and what kinds of content you need to capture. Vantage captures conversations, activities, files, and even voice in context, including edited and deleted messages. Making auditing and Discovery easier and less costly.

Retrieve and audit stored content based on granular searches of keywords, users, networks, and date ranges.

Everything Vantage captures is stored at a central point to help easi the retrieval of information when needed. It offers full message and file transfer capture, message order preservation, and enforcement as well as audit trails validation. This guarantees content delivery to long-term archiving.

Deploy on premise or in the cloud - Vantage cloud gives you the ability to easily deploy and to lower the overall cost of management to meet Governance, risk and Compliance requirements without additional investment in infrastructure and staffing. 

Socialite gives you security, Governance, and compliancethat you need for your employees to share and engage on social networks.

Different groups and users often have different network access needs. Decide which features that groups or individuals can access while browsing social network websites on your corporate network. From unrestricted to read-only access, Socialite gives you the flexibility to customize policies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube that meet your unique requirements. 
Meet Compliance requirements

Social media can be created, edited, and deleted at any time by virtually anyone, making it difficult to keep track of changes. For instance, edits to LinkedIn Profiles is of particular interest in the financial services industry.  Strict rules around advertising require that changes to a financial advisor's LinkedIn Profile must be pre-reviewed. Socialite simplifies this process by seamlessly integrating the capture, the review, and modification of LinkedIn Profile updates.  The entire workflow is recorded and can be sent to your existing archive or to Alcatraz, Actiance’s context-aware cloud archive. In Alcatraz, content and activities can be retrieved and reviewed contextually, making it faster and less costly for legal and Compliance teams to do their jobs. 
Marketing and selling socially requires having solutions that help your business units improve engagement. Provide teams with the ability to listen to and engage with clients using the Socialite engagement portal from a desktop browser, from theSocialite app for iPhone, or from a mobile browser on Android and BlackBerry devices. In these apps and on social network sites viewed in the browser, they can share from your organization’s curated library of pre-approved articles and see the measured impact of the content they share.  
Not everyone uses social networks the same way, or in the same place. Socialite allows your organization to integrate its Compliance and social sharing capabilities with the apps and portals your marketers and sellers use every day. This ensures they have access to the solutions and social networks they need without making them change the way they work. 
Keeping sensitive information inside your business is a high priority, which is why Socialite is designed to monitor Social Media for key words, phrases, and patterns. It alerts your Compliance teams in real-time if concerns are detected, allowing them to react quickly to ensure your business is protected. It even includes multi-level content review capabilities for added flexibility in your Compliance review processes.

Alcatraz  collects email and your other critical communications in a single cloud archive, reducing the time and cost of ediscovery, allowing you to quickly Search and review journaled content - from email to instant messaging to Social Media.  

It is the only archive that preserves context in an easy-to-view format, maps an individual's different identities across various data sources to a single corporate identity, and unearths  metadata from Vantage and Socialite, forming a comprehensive platform to mitigate risk.
Alcatraz not only retains email (Exchange, Office 365, Domino) but also  emerging channels.  Status updates, changes, deleted conversations, activities, files, and related metadata are all stored in a way that lets you see all  communications content in a single view.
Alcatraz retains and displays content conversation threads, rather than a series of emails, yielding ediscovery cost savings as legal teams can find what they're looking faster.


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