Secure, encrypted automation - send sensitive data through automated email

Deliver large volume confidential business data securely

Secure Contact US  - web demo requestDoes your business send automated communications that contain sensitive data? If you aren’t sending these via email because of Compliance and privacy concerns, you’re probably spending too much money on postal, fax or courier services. There is a better way!

SecureMail Automation automatically encrypts high volume email communications. It keeps your workflows compliant with industry regulations so your reputation and customers’ privacy are protected. Your mailing/fax/overnight delivery costs will drop and you’ll have proof that your documents were delivered and opened.

Secure Statement Delivery

Any email-enabled application, system or service can be configured to send secure messages through DataMotion. It requires no coding, APIs or professional services to setup and configure.

SecureMail Automation doesn’t require any special software, so it’s easy and intuitive for recipients. And messages sent via Automation are fully tracked and reported. It’s easy to see whether or not each recipient received and accessed the messages so you can take appropriate follow up actions.


Safely email: