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Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes ediscovery search in Domino databases

Federal rules regard email and other computer-generated information as writings and recordings that are admissible in court. In fact, electronic information can be the most incriminating evidence against a company in a lawsuit. Whether your organization gets subpoenaed to produce documentation or HR is conducting an internal investigation; locating information for a document Discovery request can be very costly and time consuming. Many times, these requests are made under stringent court-imposed deadlines that pose many challenges to an organization trying to Search large amounts of evidentiary material that is dispersed throughout the enterprise.

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Discovery Attender™ is a Lotus Notes Search and Discovery tool that automates investigative tasks in Domino server databases. Once installed, administrators can immediately gain access to content and efficiently Search, locate and review data in a timely manner. Once searches are complete, content is copied to a Domino database for further investigation. Discovery Attender can Search by customizable criteria such as keyword and date ranges. Searches can be targeted to specific databases and are transparent to end-users. 

As corporate litigation becomes more and more mainstream, your organization needs to be both reactive and proactive when it comes to legal liability. Reduce your risks by increasing content control. Discovery Attender can effectively Search for specific content and quickly retrieve information to save your company time and expense.

General Features

- Discreetly manage legal, HR and corporate Discovery requests
- Use for suspected evidence, confidentiality breaches or misrepresentations
- Searches are transparent to end-users with no disruption of service
- Domino interface for request creation, progress monitoring and results
- Fast and secure system to execute Discovery requests

Content Administration

- Search documents located in Domino server databases
- Dynamic keyword scanning with Boolean logic (and, or, not)
- Powerful searching of message subject body and attachments
- Customizable criteria includes keywords and date ranges
- Isolate Search results into a Domino database for later review 


- User-friendly interface for management of result items
- Annotate results findings for further qualification
- Results are web-enabled to allow internet/intranet/extranet access/annotation
- Export results to XML for internet access
- Relevancy scoring provided for each document
- Reference information stored for each document (server, database, universal id) 


- Non-intrusive, user-friendly installation
- Works with Domino 6.x servers and above
- Operates from your Domino client
- No additional software to install on Domino servers
- No additional hardware required





Discovery Attender is a trademark of  Sherpa Software.

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