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Mail Attender for Lotus Notes - Retention, Archiving & Deletion for Lotus Notes email

Strengthen email policies

Mail Attender for Lotus Domino is a Lotus Notes email administration product that manages Lotus Notes mail databases. The management is automatically carried out by Mail Attender’s Mail Restriction Rules which are created by Lotus Notes mail administrators. One of Mail Attender's primary uses is in maintaining email archives for regulatory requirements and storage relief. But Mail Attender extends beyond archiving by providing a broad set of tools to manage user mailboxes: 

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Mail Attender delivers a customizable way of archiving email from mailboxes as well as from the journaling capability of Domino to meet any regulatory or Mailbox size management requirement. Once an archived message is captured the original can be left in place, deleted or a small email stub created in the mailbox which transparently links to the archived message.


Most archiving systems require you to install a specially configured database server and non-standard plug-ins to integrate into your Notes environment. Mail Attender piggy-backs onto your existing infrastructure, allowing mail to be archived to any storage device that is defined to the network. By using the strength of the underlying Domino server and nsf database format: 

  • mail stays in its original, unmodified format - critical to regulatory compliance

  • further filtering/anti-virus checking can be performed on archived mail 

  • you are not locked into a specific vendor’s archiving architecture 

  • you can leverage nsf's built-in access-security, indexing and utilities and take advantage of it evolving to DB2

  • you can leverage the skills set of your existing Notes support team without training on additional technologies, plug-ins, databases or specialist servers

  • it supports all Domino platforms and scales to the largest of environments


Beyond its powerful archiving capabilities, Mail Attender delivers important capabilities for managing Lotus Notes email systems:

  • Intelligent Soft and Hard quota management 

  • Document Retention & Deletion rules can be set so a user is forced to take an action to keep a document beyond the Retention period. 

  • Ad-hoc searching capabilities identify inappropriate or threatening emails or attachments already residing in the mail system to help in:
    -  Legal Discovery: to identify emails relating to a specific legal action.
    -  Email policy: to identify inappropriate or threatening emails or attachments  such as viruses, mp3 files, avi files or email containing particular keywords. 

  • Offload a Single Instance of multiple attachments into a separate attachment archive database with a document link contained in the original email message, saving disk space allocated to the Mail database. 

  • Creation Manager/Lockdown Mode: prevents users from saving, sending or deleting messages they shouldn’t. 

  • Chinese walls prevent email going between departments or to competitors, preventing profanity, illegal attachments or intellectual property being distributed, stopping message classes which are under Legal Discovery from being deleted or hidden.

  • Broadcast Management: send broadcast messages to large user groups without using the Notes routers. 

Mail Attender rules are highly granular to meet any exception requirement - each rule can be applied to the entire company, a subset of mail users or a specific server.



  • Create rules from your desktop to manage enterprise-wide policies

  • Set specific system conditions to include or exclude certain users, groups or OU structures

  • Manage legal, HR and corporate Retention needs discreetly

  • Access email for suspected confidentiality breaches or misrepresentations

  • Audit email communications for operational and historical significance

  • Address Compliance issues by archiving documents and protecting the authenticity of information

  • Rules and scanning functionality are transparent to end-users with no disruption of service


  • Prevent inappropriate emails from being sent and record statistics

  • Prohibit users from deleting or editing documents that contain posaible evidence and record statistics

  • Powerful searching of message, subject, body and attachments

  • Fast and secure system to execute document Discovery requests

  • Customizable Search criteria includes keywords, age, size, name, date and type

  • Manage Search results efficiently based upon action policies such as delete, move, copy and forward


  • Enforce multiple soft quotas

  • Customizable quota enforcement per document type

  • Alert users and/or reduce access upon hard quota non-compliance

  • Seamlessly examine the enterprise email growth rate and that of individual users

  • Archive ability moves storage to other servers or to WORM/DVD devices

  • Apply archiving rules to all users or to specific users

  • Size and age policy enforcement eliminates files overusing space, targeting top offenders

  • Archive duplicate attachments per server

  • Prevent duplicate documents within the server-based archive

  • Acknowledge template and folder/view sizes when calculating database size


  • Provide unique/enriched Out of Office capability

  • Automatically disable upon ‘end’ date/time

  • Limit domains to receive replies


  • Collect specific usage data to make informed decisions

  • Report on age, size and content of messages (such as attachments, users or folders)

  • Measure space utilization and reclamation statistics

  • Report on attachment lists by user, name, extension, size and sender

  • Alert administrators to problems

  • Notify users of flagged items of concern

  • Create customized reports


  • Enforce user preferences

  • Send enterprise-wide announcements without invoking the router

  • Impose non-replicable properties on local mail files

  • Prevent users from including themselves in address list

  • Enforce encryption standards


  • Easy, non-intrusive Lotus Notes-based installation

  • Installed from a single Notes client to all servers

  • Server based product – installed on Notes mail servers


  • Runs on all Domino platforms including 6.x and 6.5x

  • No Domino architectural changes required

  • Uses LotusScript-based agents

  • Server-based processing

  • All processing is performed from a single database





Mail Attender is a trademark of  Sherpa Software.

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