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Mailbox Size, Quotas, Retention Control

Get the most out of your current email storage

At www.re-soft.com, you’ll discover an information packed web site where you can get tools to reduce Mailbox size, manage email quotas and apply mailbox content/retention rules.  The major issues to address include:

  • The number of items in mailboxes is increasing.
  • Size of messages is increasing.
  • Email use is taking up more Bandwidth.
  • Email servers are running out of disk space.
  • Backup & restore times are increasing.
  • Local archives are unknown and uncontrolled.
  • Retention/Deletion policies need to be deployed.

Growth in the number of e-mails generated and stored in your email system may be inevitable, but ReSoft can help you to reduce their impact on resources, to make the most efficient use of e-mail in your organization.

For organizations that need to minimize expenditures on storage and reduce disaster recovery windows, implementing an effective Mailbox size management strategy will reduce server loads, shorten restore times, increase ROl on storage expenditures, and slow the consumption of new storage as it is made available.

Mailbox Size & Quota Solutions:

Altitude IG is a cloud application that enables control of your on-premise and cloud data sources for information Governance.

MaXCompression autozip - reduces message size by automatically compressing and decompressing attachments in Outlook & Exchange, transparently to the user. It works at the Outlook & OWA desktop, at the Exchange server and the internet gateway delivering significant size reductions in the Information Store and PST files. Additional benefits can be gained when used in conjunction with its sister product, Archive/One, which will move messages with certain age or content criteria from the primary Information Stores to lesser loaded Exchange resources.

Mail Attender is a granular, rules-based Email archiving, quota Management, Mailbox Scanning and Document Retention/Deletion management product for users of Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Exchange. It enables management of email policy by providing centralized control over Lotus Notes mail databases and the Exchange Information Store.

MailScape collects data on user activity and how close a user is getting to their assigned mailbox quota.

OmniAnalyser collects full reporting metrics on all messaging traffic, server availability and information store contents statistics in Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes organizations and determines actual mail usage & delivery times.

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