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MaXCompression reduces Exchange Mailbox, Public Folder & PST size

Reduce Mailbox sizes by up to 40%

Network bandwidth and mailbox storage space are consumed every time someone in your organization sends an email. MaXCompression reduces Mailbox size by compressing attachments at the time of sending. attachments stay compressed in the mailbox until opened by the recipient without any need to detach or archive the attachment.

By transmitting attachments in compressed format you can:

  • Save on network bandwidth
  • Reduce mailbox storage requirements
  • Reduce costs and transmission times for remote users
  • Reduce backup and restore time for mailboxes

The MaX Compression Enterprise Suite integrates seamlessly into a user's email system so that users will rarely need to be aware that a file is being sent or received in compressed form. MaXCompression complements mailbox archiving tools by reducing the size of items that reside in the mailbox prior to the archiving process. It is fast, powerful and easy to use and gives value to both the user and administrator.

For the user:

  • Zip/unzip process is invisible
  • No change in working practices as attachments are sent as normal attachments and received as normal attachments
  • No additional, time-consuming step in sending/receiving an email
  • Reduction of time in sending and receiving mail for a remote user

MaXCompression’s process is transparent to the user.
The user sees the original file type in their Outlook or OWA interface 
even though the attachment has been compressed

For the administrator:

  • No user interaction, therefore zero training required
  • Extend resources without having to educate users
  • Cost savings from the numerous benefits of compression
  • A configuration program to set system-wide rules for MaXCompression, including:
    • Default attachment zip type (i.e. ZIP or Self-Extracting EXE)
    • Minimum and maximum file sizes before compressing
    • Addressing rules for recipients/ locations/ channel-type (who should receive ZIP, EXE, not-to-zip)
    • Decompress on receipt or opening
    • File extensions not to zip (e.g. jpg, zip)
    • Maximum size uncompressed and compressed
    • Reduce to short filenames

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MaX Compression Features

  • Can be transparent to the user
  • Compress to .zip or .exe
  • Smart Mode - administrators rule set to set compression state of sent mail for selected addresses or address types
  • Exclude given file types from compression
  • Minimum file size for compression
  • Option to specify maximum file size, pre-or post- compression
  • Supports major encryption products
  • Ability to compress users attachments in mailbox
  • Support for German and French language
  • Integrates with Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other language clients
  • Integrates with Word and Excel
  • Installs with ODK, SMS or CIW
  • Ability to work with POP3 servers
  • Support for from Outlook 97 through 2010..





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