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Mobile Security for iOS, Android & Blackberry

A key part of managing any environment is the ability to understand & control what devices users are connecting to your network and how they are using them.  

Consider the key elements to protect when implementing a mobile access strategy:

White Papers & Best Practices for:

  • Manage which Apps users are able to use
  • Control Active Sync access 
  • Allow Selective wipe of Corporate Data
  • Encrypt Corporate Data on the Device
  • Implement Anti-malware protection on the device


Mobile Security from Sophos secures iPhones, iPads and Android devices against Corporate Policies to keep the sensitive business data that's flowing safe and sound.

Unify Mobility Manager enables the user to lock/wipe the mobile device, remotely activate and update a device, generate and set user activation passwords, and password management.

PingFederate provides access to cloud resources via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones--whether via native mobile apps (OAuth) or a mobile browser.

Mailscape offers a one-look dashboard that enables you to monitor your environment’s vital Active Sync, Exchange, Blackberry & Active Directory components with a quick glance at a single screen. At the same time, Mailscape’s advanced reporting provides both the real-time data and historical trending you need to optimize system performance and to plan for the future. 

17a-4 Data Parser extracts messaging data provided by many platforms such as OCS, Blackberry, LiveMeeting and Bloomberg and converts into compliant .eml or .msg files for import into the archive Retention system of choice.

TOPPER Email Point-to-Point Server Monitor - monitors realtime flow-availability between internal email servers, Blackberry devices and connections to the Internet with no remote agents. Windows Server Monitor component monitors perfmon, event logs, Dial-In,  IP and SLA Management with no agents required on the monitored servers.

OmniAnalyser optimizes email routing and reports on Service Levels and usage for Cost-Recovery by delivering metrics on all messaging traffic, server availability, mail delivery times, replication and mail store content for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Blackberry & Instant Messaging.

Replay AppImage protects the whole Messaging application  - operating system, configuration, data, Active Directory and Blackberry Servers by continuously creating a volume block-level, point-in-time image of the entire Exchange environment.

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