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Migrate to Mobile & The Cloud

Migration is not for the faint of heart

goldfishAs employees become more mobile, it is critical to give them access to the right corporate data from their mobile Devices driving a need to "mobilize" existing applications. Coupled with this, there is a very stong business case for moving existing processes, such as email and collaboration into a Cloud-based infrastructure.

But migration is not for the faint of heart.  There are many moving parts that must be considered before embarking on a cloud migration. Our diagnosis methodology will analyze your existing environment to:

  • identify applications that best sit in the Cloud
  • preparate for mobilization of only the application functionality that is used

Diagnosis is based upon:

  • collection of reliable usage information
  • analysis of collected data
  • recommendations for
    • improved performance of existing apps
    • unused or limited-use apps
    • clear candidates for migration and mobilization

The process comprises:

  • assessment to scope out
  • data collection using tools
  • analysis of collected data
  • recommendations for technology to apply


Priasoft Exchange mailbox migrator directly migrates between Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 without interim steps or expensive consultants

Transformer automates the conversion of Lotus Domino applications to XPages -- removing the need for Notes Client software and delivering a modern user experience as well as transforming existing business logic. You will continue to leverage your existing investment in Lotus by using Transformer to upgrade your portfolio to the newest release of Domino.

Notes Extractor automatically converts the data in Lotus Notes applications into HTML files, an open format that can be used to integrate the same data in a new environment. For each databases three files are created, an HTML file with the text, an XML file which includes all the document-related information retrieved during NRPC access, and a third file containing all the attached documents and images.

SharePoint Provisioner is a complementary tool to Notes Extractor. It takes reformated Lotus Notes database data annd imports into SharePoint. 

TransVault™ is a high-performance software application that securely migrates and consolidates email and other related records from one email archiving environment to another, including PST archives, ensuring future accessibility - regardless of the chosen archive, messaging platform or storage medium. migration is fast and entirely transparent to users, eliminating the risk of downtime and significantly reducing the costs and IT overheads normally associated with moving large amounts of data.

Inware Shuttle Manager™ is an industry-proven mail utility designed to migrate e-mail, attachments, calendars, contacts, folders, directories and mail lists. Shuttle Manager can migrate to and from virtually all email platforms while maintaining the integrity of each message.

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