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PST Elimination, Content Search, Backup, Deletion

The Challenge of PST Files


  PST files are proving to be one of the most troublesome  file types to manage.

At www.re-soft.com, you’ll discover an information packed pages highlighting tools to prevent PST file problems: migrate, Search, manage overload, reduce sizes, delete files. This technology can be used for eliminating PST files  and for responding to Email Discovery requests within a legal case.

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Managing PST Files - The Problem

The persistence of the electronic record and the routine recovery of electronic communications in connection with almost every business dispute or investigation means that the litigation complications faced by organizations as a result of problematic e-mails are now becoming commonplace.

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The Challenge of Managing PST Files Do I eliminate them or Live With them?

PST 10 Point Plan

Managing PSTs from Discovery to Archive 

Costing a PST Elimination Project

PST Migration Considerations


PST files are a particular challenge. The issues you need to address will typically encompass.

  • Identify where your PST files reside, who owns them, how large they are, when were they last accessed
  • Backup PSTs sitting across the network so you have a solid copy for any subsequent searches or restores
  • Move the PST to the best network location for access
  • Filter the content of PST files so you only keep the data you need
  • Eliminate PST files by ingesting back into the Email system or to a third-party archive and deleting the original.  

The ReSoft PST Information Collection process will identify the location & properties of PST files within the organization to ensure Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, contractual obligations and operational needs. This involves applying and monitoring our technology to scan the network, seeking information on PST file location, ownership, size and last-used date, continually monitoriing progress. At the completetion of the scan, PST information is delivered to the organization from which an appropriate migration strategy can be applied.

ReSoft Solutions for PST search, PST elimination, PST size reduction, remove PSTs, Search PST files  

PST Station - Search PST files, eliminate PSTs, migrate PST files - Automatic detection of all PST files on workstations and corporate files servers from a central location. Remote backup of open PST files, Bulk or selective ingestion of PSTs in a archiving repository, Change PST's locations and update Outlook® profiles on remote computers, Reduce PST storage space by running frequent compaction tasks, VIPs' laptops backup with incremental backup.

Mail Attender & Archive Attender - Search PST files, eliminate PSTs, migrate PST files - provides extended archiving & content management of PST files - searching PSTs on desktops, network drives, PST migration, PST Scanning and  Document Retention in a Microsoft Exchange environment

PST Enterprise, a purpose-built application that allows you to analyze PSTs and execute their elimination from your IT system. PST Enterprise gives Exchange administrators the control they need over PST files, whether they are on client machines or server, loaded in Outlook or not

Discovery Attender for Exchange & SharePoint - Search PST file content, copy PSTs - an electronic Discovery suite specifically designed to perform dynamic keyword searches in PST files Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, and common file storage areas. Discovery Attender can automatically execute powerful scans of message subject, body and attachments through customizable Search criteria.

Insight for PST Management tackles large and complex PST migration projects, delivering high scalable, powerful control and automation, real-time progress visibility and detailed chain-of-custody reporting. It securely migrates and consolidates email and other related records from PST files into another email environment, ensuring future accessibility - migration is fast and entirely transparent to users, eliminating the risk of downtime and significantly reducing the costs and IT overheads normally associated with moving large amounts of data.

PST Backup Attender light-weight, PST file backup utility that can be used to locate, manage and back up PST files on user computers.

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