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exchange-secure-gatewayThe new SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG) adds data protection and Compliance control to email content being distributed within an internal Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.

In combination with Adaptive Redaction technology, the SXG safeguards against inappropriate or sensitive information being incorrectly distributed internally thereby removing the threat of such data being stored in an unsecure location or accidentally leaked outside the organization.

Microsoft Exchange, as the primary collaboration tool of choice, will grow market share to 68% by 2016 according to the Radicati Group. The SECURE Exchange Gateway detects inappropriate content sharing, imbedded malware, malicious executable file types and content violations in Exchange email threads and attachments. Adaptive Redaction technology automatically recognizes and removes sensitive data as it passes within a company’s Microsoft exchange network.

The SECURE Exchange Gateway balances protection and freedom. You can be confident that sensitive data is protected from data leakage and digital threats while employees communicate freely by email.

  • Adaptive Redaction: Replace key items of sensitive data automatically to prevent them from being read.
  • Data loss prevention: Deep content inspection allows you to monitor and control how data flows around your organization.
  • Management and reporting: Manage and report on the critical tasks and information that keep your organization running smoothly.


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