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Reduce employee clicks on phishing attacks by up to 90%security awareness is important, but changing employee behavior to decrease security risk is the end goal of any security education program. 

One of PhishGuru's anti-phishing clients, a Northeastern public university, reduced successful phishing attacks by 90%.

When a cyber-criminal fabricated an email that appeared to originate from the newly appointed dean’s email address, addressing new policies and staffing changes and asking school officials to update their personal information, it triggered an response from administration, according to the school’s information security officer. “We recognized that a significant hole in our security was our people in that they were not very savvy with regards to these issues,” he stated. 

The school wanted training product that was interactive and would give its users hands-on experience with simulated cyber-attacks. And its quest led it straight to PhishGuru. It is a software-as-a-service product, which assesses employees through the use of simulated phishing emails, and multiple interactive anti-phishing software training modules which educate employees. 

Security officers begin by sending employees a fake phishing message that lets them know how vulnerable they are to cyber-attacks. Next, the people who fall for the attack receive an automatic assignment comprised of 10-minute anti-phishing training modules that they can complete at their convenience. In each module, users learn through engaging teaching methods, realistic examples and interactive practice. And whether employees make a mistake or answer correctly, protective behaviors are re-enforced. 

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