Targeted attacks against businesses are increasing

dollarOver the last year 94% of organizations encountered one or more cyber-security incidents and 12% experiencing a targeted attack.

Damages from a single successful targeted attack could cost a company as much as $2.54 million for enterprises and $84,000 for small businesses, accordong to a survey of worldwide IT professionals by Kaspersky Lab.

Whilst the targeted attacks affects any size of businesse, that large companies specifially see them as an important threat. 38% of organizations with between 1,500 and 5,000 employees, and 39% of businesses with over 50,000 employees highlighted targeted attacks as the number one concern.

Smaller businesses are a little less concerned, 34% citing targeted attacks as a key priority. A big worry for all businesses is the loss of sensitive data, over 33% say protection of confidential data against targeted attacks is a key issue.

The report finds spam is now seen as the number one external threat, cited by 64% of respondents, viruses and malware 61 percent. Phishing attacks for 38% followed by network intrusions for 25%.