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Data loss continues to be a problem for companies across the world, with few CIOs confident about their ability to recover data – many lack a plan to even try.  EMC's  global data protection study reveals data-loss cost enterprises $1.7 trillion in the last 12 months, up by 400% since 2012. 
Your people can be one of your best lines of defense given the proper end-user security awareness. They can spot and report suspicious activity in real-time before any triggers get tripped. But they can be a serious risk, prone to social engineering cyber attacks and actual insider threats.

While human error is inevitable, employee education and training is critical to protecting your organization; most of your employees understand the severity of a data breach. The Ponemon Institute determined the average cost of a data breach to be $5.9 million. 
So IT needs to provide additional training and infrastructure to ensure employees stay on track. 
Curious about how you can combat this?  You can learn more here. And if you register on the site, we can set up a short call to give you sufficient information to see if this warrants a more detailed discussion or evaluation.


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