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headofsecurityOver the past year the number of data breaches has grown significantly, the majority due to internal errors, such as data sent to the wrong email recipient or employees losing an unencrypted device.

Recognize that certain employee bad behaviors are one of the major data-loss threats to your business, which are amplified by Bring Your Own Device, data storage location options and cloud computing.

Your 5 high risk employee types

The Millennial:  Staying connected is rule number one in this employee’s world. Going without WiFi, apps and Social Media is not an option and all personal and corporate information must be available in one place, at their fingertips. Corrupted or hacked, their device is a potential gateway into the business network and can leave data up for grabs.

The Scatter-Brained:  Every business has that forgetful employee that has ramped up a number of replacement work passes or lost their expenses receipts. But what might be a running joke in the office, can also cause major issues when this carelessness evolves into a lost device, personal documents left lying around or a misplaced USB stick.

The Snooper: Feeling spurned, troublesome or just looking for another way to make money, these employees are snakes in the grass. They will attempt to steal your company data straight from under your nose for malicious intent or personal gain.

The Gadget Man:  There’s always that one person who has the latest gadget. Wearable tech and Google Glass are just some of their latest desires, which they will own in a heartbeat. The result: a business is left grappling a snowballing number of devices and subsequently, a growing number of threats.

The Extra-Miler: This employee just can’t resist getting in that extra hour or two of work outside of the office. But by simply drop-boxing or emailing work to a home computer or saving it in the cloud can leave the data at risk in unsecure environments.

Data lost by the Millennial, Gadget Man, Scatter-Brained or The Extra-Miler, although accidental, can be as severe to the business as loss to the Snooper who does it deliberately. 

Keeping your eyes on the asset
To stay on the right side of this data-loss challenge, businesses must address several issues surrounding laptop and tablet computers: 
  • Know when employees disable encryption or threat management software
  • Know when a user installs unauthorized apps like Dropbox
  • Be able to freeze or wipe a device, regardless of location, when alerted to a suspicious activity event
  • Track geolocation of where your assets have been and alert when out-of-territory or out-of-country
  • Increase asset audit accuracy by historically auditing configuration changes and wipe events in cases of theft or employee termination

Curious about how you can combat this?
  You can learn more about solutions like Computrace endpoint management and PhishGuru employee phishing testing.

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