Team Sessions Persistent Chat Rooms for Sametime

TeamSessions Persistent Chat Rooms for Lotus Sametime - allow teams to share ideas and documents in a persistent, secure real-time Sametime chat room. Teams and organizations can quickly build a group community and communicate in real-time, without losing valuable information or discussions as users log in and out.

TeamSessions uses IBM Lotus Sametime to allow teams to instantly share ideas and content in a centrally managed, secure, and persistent real-time environment. Enable your teams and organizations to quickly build a group community and communicate in real-time, without losing valuable information or discussions.

The TeamSessions server automatically records discussions for the specified chat rooms.

Instant Technical Brief - IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced

Are you thinking of deploying Lotus Sametime Advanced for its persistent chat and broadcast capabilities? 

Click here to download a comparison of Lotus Sametime Advanced and Instant Team Sessions and Instant Queue Manager. 

Instant Team Sessions allows teams to instantly share ideas, documents, and information. Quickly build Lotus Sametime based persistent virtual meeting rooms to facilitate real-time collaboration. Rooms are secure and discussions are encrypted.


The Team Sessions server automatically records discussions and manages content such as images, documents, or spreadsheets. When new participants enter the Sametime persistent chat room (Team Session), they are instantly provided with a history of the discussion.

With Instant Team Sessions for IBM Lotus Sametime, your teams can securely share information in real-time, and thereby improve communication and enhance team performance.

Instant Team Sessions Version 3 further extends Instant Team Sessions' lead over all other persistent chat solutions.  Web client support for Ubuntu and CentOS; synchronization of Team Sessions databases with external Lotus Notes discussion databases; and enhanced support for embedding Instant Team Sessions persistent chat rooms within the Lotus Notes 8.5 client.

When the US Department of Defense asked IBM for secure, encrypted persistent chat in Lotus Sametime, IBM turned to Instant Technologies and Instant Team Sessions.  Read the case study

With Instant TeamSessions for IBM Lotus Sametime, you can enable teams to share more information in real-time, improve communication, and enhance team performance.