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MessageRights Email Retention Solution

Titus Classification Demo requestMessageRights facilitates the implementation of email Retention policies and smart email Retention. Via a new toolbar in Microsoft Outlook & OWA, users can be forced to select the appropriate Retention labels for their message. The labels, once assigned, remain in the header of the email and cannot be altered by the user. 

Based on the company email Retention policy, the labels can be customized to indicate email Retention and archiving policy, such as "Retain for 90 days", "Retain for 3 years", "Retain for 6 years" etc. Once the proper email Retention label is attached to the message, administrators can establish procedures to retain the email in special folders. Third party archive solutions can also be integrated with the Titus Labs solutions to implement Retention policies in in existing email archiving systems.

Use of Titus Labs' Message Classification or MessageRights product in combination with Microsoft Exchange's native journaling capability can provide a simple email Retention solution.  Exchange's journaling feature retains a copy of all email sent. Message Classification's Retention labels can then be used to create Retention folders that will have the correct Retention policy. 

In situations where enterprises are required by law to retain or archive certain messages, users could use Message Classification to label their email for Retention. Smart labeling by the end-user ensures that important corporate email will be retained, and that unimportant emails for personal meetings, social occasions etc. will not be retained and take up valuable corporate archiving resources.

For customers using Microsoft Rights Management Services, the Titus Labs solutions allow administrators to associate email Retention labels with enforceable rights management policy.  These policies can restrict the distribution, printing or Retention of email. For instance, Microsoft Rights Management Services could automatically expire emails after a defined number of days.

In addition to English, labels and messages can also be displayed in French, German, Italian, Spanish and many other languages.

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