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Titus Classification Demo requestDocument Classificationfor Microsoft Word is the premier classification and policy enforcement software for Word that allows customers to manage the classification, distribution and Retention of valuable corporate documents. A toolbar is added to the standard Microsoft Word toolbars.  Users can be forced to select the appropriate classification labels from the dropdown for their document. The labels once assigned become searchable properties of the document. Document Classification supports two levels of classification. All of the labels are fully customizable

The classification or "label" typically describes a ranked level such as "Unclassified", "Internal Use Only", "Secret" or "Restricted". However the classification can also be action-based; describing what kind of actions should be taken based on labels such as "Retain 30 days", "Retain 90 days", "Archive". This ability to use classify or label documents can have several important applications, for example:

  • can be used in a sensitive or secure environment. The user can indicate the classification of the document (such as Secret, Top Secret, Company Confidential, etc) and it can then be reflected in the header / footer or watermark of the document. These labels are completely customizable and can be changed to suit your environment.   For instance, the list of labels could be changed to Internal Use Only, Confidential, Restricted etc. The label is inserted as a custom property of the document and as such can be used to Search for documents. For example, administrators can quickly locate all CONFIDENTIAL documents on their network.
  • can be used for document Retention or archiving. In situations where enterprises are required by law to archive certain documents, such as the new Compliance legislation in the financial industry, users could use Document Classification to label their documents for Retention.  Possible labels could include "Retain 90 days", "Archive" or "Client Confidential" etc.
  • can be used in environments requiring multi-level security such as military or intelligence environments. Multi level security allows documents of different classification levels to be stored on the same physical network.  Integration with Microsoft Rights Management provides encryption based security to ensure only authorized personnel can view certain documents. 
  • can automatically insert the name of the current user in the document watermark to track the person that printed the document.

For customers using Microsoft Rights Management Services, Document Classification allows administrators to associate classification levels with enforceable rights management policy.  These policies can restrict the distribution, printing or copying of documents.

Document Classification works with the Microsoft Word XP and Word 2003 platforms. In addition to English, labels can also be displayed in French, German, Italian, Spanish and many other languages.

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